Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


20. Chapter 20


I walked into Liam house to find Katy curled up onto the sofa sobbing oh god I hated seeing her like this she looked up and anger crossed her face. "What the fuck do you want you?" Liam gave me a look and went up stairs with Hannah I don't blame him I would love to do the same thing. "Look Katy please baby let me explain I thought she was you." She looked at me even more angry god this isn't going anywhere fast. "So you saying I look like a slut and have bleach blonde hair you dick head you knew it wasn't me but you kissed her Harry you kissed her." She had got up now coming towards me I grabbed her by the wrist. "LISTEN TO ME I THOUGHT IT WAS FUCKING YOU OKAY KATY I'M SORRY." "YOU CHEAT I HATE YOU I HATE YOU." she was crying she looked broken and it was all my fault. "Baby please I love you babe your my everything." She looked at me for a seconds like she was trying to keep herself together. "I'm not you baby and I hate you I can't do this." She ran out of my grip and slammed the door shut I was stood in shock I didn't know what to do. 


I hate him I hate him that cheater everyone told me he was bad but I thought he was good..         I ran out the door as fast as I could and I didn't stop running I had no Idea where I was going I was just running down the street away from life away from him.. "KATY WAIT PLEASE STOP RUNNING." he was chasing me life couldn't get better I had to get away from him I ran faster making sure to not run into people. I quickly crossed the road as I was running so fast. He couldn't get me now...



"Liam I think she has just left.?" I was so worried about her she wasn't safe out there at this time. "baby they will sort it out I promise." liam hugged me from behind and at that moment I knew he loved me. "Liam you wouldn't do that to me would you?" I looked at him and his face expressions. "Of course not baby I love you and I'm not Harry your my one and only." I smiled at him picturing this perfect moment forever. 



"KATY WAIT PLEASE STOP RUNNING." I had ran after her I couldn't let the girl I love go but when she heard my voice she picked up her speed I'm faster than her normally but she had a head start. She looked at me and ran across the road but she wasn't looking where she was going all I heard was a car honk and then the girl I loved was knocked over. I ran to her screaming her name she was lifeless she looked dead. "Harry I'm so sorry." She looked like she was crying of the pain she was bleeding I couldn't help but cry I didn't care who was watching me the girl I loved was lifeless right in front of me. "SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!" My panic had taken over me. I looked down at Katy she was closing her eyes. "No no baby look at me please don't shut those beautiful eyes I can't live without you baby please keep your eyes open." She looked at me like she was about to say her last words. "I love you Harr.." Her eyes closed shut...

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