Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


19. Chapter 19


Once we got back to my house I carried Katy inside she was still crying and I still had no Idea what had gone on. I sat Katy on the sofa and she continued to cry on my shoulder. Hannah was up the stairs to maybe Katy could use a girl. "I will be 2 minuets okay Katy?" She nodded I felt awful for leaving her but a girl is what she needs now. I walked up the stairs to find Hannah I walked into are shared bedroom to find her lying down I didn't want to wake her she looked so peaceful but I had to for Katy..


I woke up to Liam calling me in my ear it was highly annoying but I could tell in his voice something was up. "Hannah love, wake up please." I turned around and looked at his face he looked sad but confused at the same time. "Hun what is wrong?" He looked at me and smiled. "I've got Katy down stairs she came to me crying and she still is I have no idea what is happening she won't tell me I'm going to go back out to find Harry and ask him she's down stairs." I nodded taking all this information inside all I knew was Katy was down the stairs crying for some reason Liam left and I heard the door and I walked down the stairs to find Katy curled up onto the sofa. "Hannah I couldn't stop him." She looked scared and angry at the same time god Katy let it out I hate being confused. "Come on Katy you half to tell me we can't help unless you tell us?" She looked at me and nodded I sat next to her and she started to explain. 


I knew I had to tell her because she looked confused I took a deep breath and told her everything. 

Flash back - 

"He went into the bathroom?"Niall said drunk off his mind. I traveled to the bathroom to here someone shouting and moaning someone name. At first I was scared to open the door but I knew I wanted to know so I opened the door and the sight I seen the tears come down my face..


Right in front me was Ben kissing Harry. HAHA I'M JUST KIDDING. 


Right in front of me was Harry kissing some girl that slut that dirty bag the anger got the best of me. "HARRY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS SLUT.." He looked around shocked and looked at the girl and them me it looked like he had sobered up in a matter of seconds. "Katy I swear I thought she was you." the anger inside of me I couldn't contain  it the tears were coming down my face I ran out of the bathroom and went to find Liam. 

Flash back over - 


"Oh hunny I'm so sorry really I am." I was angry the girl I have grew close to has been hurt and its all because of that dick head Harry. 



I made it back to the club and found harry sitting on the step crying into his hands sobbing I've never seen him like this before. "Harry mate are you alright?" I sat next to him on the step. "I've fucked up Liam I've lost her and I've lost my princess my love my everything she's gone I fucked up big time." I could see his fist's clenching I moved my face around. "Harry what happened mate?" He looked at me for a seconds and tried to keep his tears in. "I was in the bathroom when this blonde girl walked in and slammed me into the wall and I thought it was Katy so I moved up so she was against the wall and kissed I opened my eyes and noticed it was not her and she walked in Liam I feel so dirty." The words that were coming out of his mouth was no lies he was telling the truth I hugged him I didn't care who got a photo my friend was hurt. "Look she's at my place come over I will drive you she might forgive you." He nodded his head and we got up. Let's see how this goes.

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