Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


11. Chapter 11

I know I haven't updated but It was New year last night Happy new year by the way and I'm sorry if I have made mistakes in this writing peace but its the day after new year and I'm not very well haha. Also I'm going to be carrying on with this Movella but I'm also going to make a new one so make sure to read it:) thank you for reading this story by the way..

2 months on - 


I haven't really seen much of the boys I've been promoting with the summer collecting and catching up with missed time with Ben. He's been telling me how he met this guy and I just half to meet him but at least he's happy. It's just another day at work but then I heard a scream. 

"OMGG!! ONE DIRECTION ARE SINGING ON THIS FASHION WEEK AND THAT'S IN 3 DAYS I NEED TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL FOR HARRY OMG OMG OMG!" That's Emma she's a drama queen but you grow to love her I walked up to her in her little panic session. "How do you know that this is happening?." She pointed to the wall so I went to look as I was scrolling down the names of who would be on the cat walk I saw my name and I was the last girl off the cat walk. I panicked because they have never seen my body they have been nice to me all this time but what if they see me and then BANG they end up hating on me. Ok Katy relax that's not going to happen there your friends and plus all the other girls will be all over them they won't want to talk to me. 


I had just found out the best news ever I'm going to see Katy going down the cat walk in nothing but her bra and panties god how I'm going to need to control myself. I walked into the house to find 4 pairs of eyes looking at me giving me the look as if to see come on then what you got to say. I took a deep breath in and shouted "WHERE GOING TO VICTORIA FASHION WEEK AND PERFORMING IN FRONT OF ALL THE SEXY LADIES!" They all jumped up and smiled widely. "But what if I can't control my man hood that would be terrible." Louis said with panic written on his face I laughed at him. "Doesn't Katy work there OMG will she be one of the models." Liam has happiness written on his face I looked at him and he simply nodded and sat down like nothing happened oh does he like her that can't happen I heard Liam and Louis are talking to some girls and they sound decent enough. But oh my I cannot wait to see Katy strike her stuff down this cat walk why can't the day just come now 3 days please hurry.

3 Days Later - 


It's first day of fashion week and I have never been so nervous I mean I have done more things than this bigger things even and I'm scared to do this. All the girls are getting ready and doing everything they can to make them self's look perfect I just decided to go for the normal look what I normally go for. Ben is in the audience with his guy friend well soon to be boyfriend as he tells me he said he would come to take a picture of the boys reaction when I walked on stage but I said they will just look at me and carry on singing. They were singing a new song of theirs I've never heard it. It's called 'Alive' off there new album.  "Katy come on hair and make- up done now the show has started." I rushed to my seat as quick as I could and they began there work. Where still doing the summer collection well showing them all off today I got the chance to wear my favorite there Dark blue and well perfect for me I could here them singing most of all I could here the girls screaming when they came off the stage saying they gave them a kiss well I'm not surprised they did your in nothing but underwear and a bra. 

This was it the second last girl was about to go on this means when she comes off I goo on and I'm so scared. I took my robe off and waited for her to come and when she did I got this wave of confidence and started walking out I smiled to the cameras. All I saw was all 5 boys mouths drop open and there eyes wide trying to continue the song I laughed and blew a kiss to all of them I got to the end of the run way and made a pose and started walking back smiling like a pro.


I was honestly waiting for her to come out but as the song went on I didn't think she was in this one but the second last girl came out and my she was hot and the bum on her Jesus. As she went off another girl came out and it was Katy and I could feel my mouth open she looked fucking WOW. I could feel myself grow and then she blew me a kiss and I lost it I had to get her now. 


My eyes poped out of my head and my mouth went wide I had to blink twice to see if It just wasn't my imagination playing on me but It wasn't it was her and she looked unreal the blue suited her perfect I saw all the other boys looking at her to and I looked at Harry and saw he had a small bump in his trousers I laughed and then she blew me a kiss and I blushed why did I do that Idiot oh god Niall control yourself man.

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