Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


15. White

Kamila's P.O.V.

It was dark.Completely surrounded by darkness. I was so confused I thought we were going to dinner. But I couldn't move. Then it started I start to shake and hear mumbles. Then silence again. Then my eyes pop open. It was all white now. My eyes didn't adjust well to the light. I hear a loud beep and I turn to my side and see Bree on a white bed crying.

'I was so scared you were gone. We don't have much time were at a hospital and I'm leaving but I need you to know these things OK so listen carefully...'

I was so confused,scared,worried but i just nooded and listened.

'Umm well first of tell Louis that i would then tell Kenz, girl and for you I love you so much and umm.....its starting so be caref-..' then a doctor came in and rushed to her but just as he was to start to do something he dropped his head and whispered'......gone....'  

No no no I  just found out she was my sister I can't lose her like this. And how did we end up here. Then I stopped my train of thought and I remembered what she said. Its starting....and it wasn't going to end good. I couldn't let anyone know what's going on. The doctor then came over to my bed and smiled.

'shes good now' he yelled to the nurses not really I thought to myself. 

The door opened and a big noise arose. And then five boys came into sight. Five sets of blood shot eyes look at me then over to Bree. Louis stutters out 'is sh-' I cut him of and start bawling. He drops to his knees and sobs. Liam comforts here and Harry comes over to me 

'I was so scared i didn't want to lose you just when I got u back' he said with even more tears threatening to fall.

My crying turns to silent sobs as Harry kisses my cheek. I ask him how we got here and he explains

'We came to pick you and Bree up for dinner and we got  to the restaurant but then when we got to the door Bree fainted and then you went to her side and shook her but she didn't wake up so you started to freak out and then you fainted...... why did this all happen, why did you and Bree faint'

He couldn't know the real reason. So I just said because I was scared about losing Bree. Whispering the last part because I knew that my fear came true. 

I was too tired about this day and just wanted to sleep......forever.I closed my eyes and hoped they wouldn't open anymore.  

But i woke up the next morning. I looked to my side and Bree was gone and she wouldn't be coming back. I looked to my other side and a note was left.


      Change into the clothes that are at the end of the bed. Then come out of your room. Doctors said you could leave today. I'll be waiting outside for you love.




I did as I was told. I didn't want to spend another second at a hospital I hate them so much. Harry was there by himself he smiled, lifting my spirt just a bit, he held out a hand for me and I took it almost immediately. He led me out of the hospital to his car. He ran over to his car and opened the door for me and said ' my lady' which made me crack a small smile. The car ride was short and boring until the song chasing cars came on the radio and harry sang to me.I fell asleep to the sound of his angelic voice. 

I was soon awaken by harry lifting me up bridal style and carrying me to his flat which surprised me because I thought we were going to mine. We entered and say all the boys there. Harry put me down and I sttod there for awhile on awkward silence. I could see Louis still so broken. It felt like hours were passing as no one dared to speak. After a while I pulled up the courage and spoke.

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