Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


13. him

Kamila's P.O.V

....Harry.i still had feelings for him and what theses past few days have showed me is that maybe its just better not get involved with him.

I snapped out of deep thought and realized I had to her ready to go to the boys house ha I already knew there was gonna be loads of award moments. I got dressed up in some faded jeans and a off the shoulder shirt that said 'no regrets' . I felt half pretty . I looked on the mirror one last time before shouting at Bree to hurry and drive us to the guys flat. She could maybe ease the tension that I knew that would be there when we arrived. We finally got there and i took a deep breath Bree takes one look at me and immediately knew I was super nervous.

Don't worry its gonna be fine plus u shouldn't be feeling to much emotion its dangerous' she told me 

I knew she was right I needed to calm down. We went to knock but niall already was there screaming hi to us. That boy made me laugh. He hugged me and Bree as we entered the house. I saw a girl sitting next to Harry I got a bit jealous. Bree went over to Louis and started to 'talk' . Oh how that girl loved to flirt.its strange realizing were sisters but I wasn't a different feeling I already thought of her as my other half without her I was empty. I went to sit next to Zayn we instantly started talking and laughing. I missed him so much but every time I looked over harry was looking like he was having such a great time with the girl.

Zayn's P.O.V

It was great seeing Kamila I needs me rock. We were catching up when I saw she was distracted.

'You OK love?'

'Well.....no not really i still have some .......idk I guess feelings for Harry....' I shyly say

'After what he did I really don't trust him with you' he may have a point but I couldn't control my feelings. Zayn was about to say something but then an evil smirk appeared on his face.

'Zayn Malik what are u thinking of u better not do any-' i  was cut of by him screaming.


'Urgh really mate that's a kids game' said Harry

'Well than grandpa you don't have to to play, me and all the youngsters are gonna go have fun.' Protested Louis  

'Fine come Kenz I guess we need to find some way to feel young again' harry said to the girl.

Uhh i felt so insecure around Kenz she was gorgeous. I can see why Harry rather spend time with her. Niall had to count every scramed around the huge house trying to find a hidding spot Zayn whispered to me to go hide in the last room and to go under the bed. I decided to listen cause Louis was almost done counting. I ran in and slid under the bed. 

'Well hello there love' it was Harry.

'Oh my god u nearly gave me a heart attack' 

'Oh that would of been horrible your to pretty to be in a hospital' he smirked. My goodness this cheeky boy  was so charming.

'Mhmm sure me in a hospital bed and u on the couch all snuggled up with beautiful Kenz ' I said with noticeable annoyance in my voice.

'Wha- wait are you jealous ha you are aww isn't that just adorable' he said laughing.

'Shut it Harold it actually hurts me seeing you be so happy with another girl and all your is laughing.' He didn't respond he just kept laughing.

'You know what I'm done with U' I got up from the bed and reached for the door knob but Harry grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him. He looked at me a little bit more serious but he still had a silly smile plastered on his face.

'Don't leave me please' he told me.

'Why you have Kenz you don't need me' he looked down at the floor for a little bit still not letting me go of my hands but now our fingers were intertwined and I didn't know how they got like that.

'Kamila if Ur jealous does this mean you have feelings for me' he asked his face so serious now. I took in a deep breath and answered his question.

'Yes, I don't how but u stole my heart.'

'Good because I've been wanting to hear those words for awhile....... Can I kiss you?' I thought it was the sweetest thing he ever said to me. I mood and he kissed me with so much passion I was happy. I just hope this doesn't lead to a disaster. He breaks the kiss and slightly giggles.

'Oh and Kamila you do know that Kenz is my sister right?'


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