Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


2. Arrival

Kamila's P.O.V

Bree got the guys number and we were on our way to new beginnings. Taylor was outside when we pulled up. I was happy to see her because I knew she would support me. I went to go hug her.

"Ahhh ur here finally u took forever " Taylor winned.

"Tay this is my best friend Bree.....u know the one I was talking to u about"

Taylor thought for a moment "really cause she doesn't look like a person who would be able to rob a bank" she said.

"She'll surprise u she's super crazy, that's what I love about her" I explained thinking about so many memories. She would make me race her to 7 eleven in the middle of the night just to get some chips. She made life fun and worth living.

"Hi I'm Bree but don't worry I'll contain myself and not get to crazy."

"Its OK but I'm sorry I'm not going to be here have the time I have a lot of work to do which im going to be late to if I don't leave now so u two can go see the town."

We said our goodbyes and she was about to leave and then looked at Me.


"I like your necklace Kamila Hunter." She said.


Everyone assumed that my KH necklacemeant my meany my full name but no it actually meant something. And I was the only one that knew


 TOWN SQUARE~ there we were just taking in the excitement . Part 2 of my plan was completed my arrival to my new life was going great. Then all of e sudden Bree tackles me and we hide behind a tree 

" omg its the cutie from the airport" she said

I looked and it was. Ahh and with a whole group of cuties.I wanted to go talk but I knew it was all going to be a disaster. 

Bree's P.O.V 

I saw the guy and freaked I really liked this guy I was goingto tell Kamila that we should go talk to the guys bit she had that look shewas probably thinking how no guy likes her. She was wrong she just needed to break out of her shell and forget that stupid plan she has. I got up and ran to them. I had to do this for her I mean she is my sister my real sister.

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