I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


25. Who's Voldemort?

I walked down to the Great Hall the next morning. "You look tired," remarked Mary. I yawned. "Of c-course I'm tired," I said. "I spent all night figuring out what to do about Isabelle and Selena." "Um...you could put Isabelle under the Imperius curse," suggested Alice. "ALICE!" Molly and I shouted at exactly the same time. "NO," I finalized. "Though she deserves it!" I couldn't help adding. Molly groaned. Isabelle plopped into the seat next to us. "So, does Jamesies like me yet?" She giggled. I looked at her in disgust. "No," I said slowly. "Actually, he doesn't." Isabelle flipped her hair. "Well, honey, if you want me to switch with Serena Mayflower, you'll have to try harder." I gritted my teeth. "Selena Mayson," I corrected. She waved a hand. "Yeah. Whatever. Serena Mayflower." "IT'S NOT SERENA MAYFLOWER!" I screamed. "Oh just-screw you, Maddison! How did you get into Gryffindor anyway?" Isabelle pretended she hadn't heard me and she turned and started fluttering her eyelashes at Potter. "What an idiot," I grumbled. "We know," comforted Molly. "What a freaking boy-obsessed idiot," I grouched. "I totally agree," said Alice. "What a dumb idiot," I groused. "If you do not mind me saying so, the word "idiot" is getting a little bit old," Marlene told me. "What if I do mind?" I said grumpily. "Oh, hi Selena!" I had just seen her sitting at the end of the table, twiddling her thumbs. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. "Oh, hey Lily!" She walked over and sat beside me. "I was making friends with Anne Winthrop," she informed me. "That's nice," I said absentmindedly. I had spotted Mary's copy of Witch Weekly. "HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED GETTING STRONGER!" the headlines screamed. "Who's he who must not be named?" I asked. Just my luck-Potter heard me. "Voldemort," he called. Half the table shuddered. "Who's Voldemort?" I asked. He threw me a look of pity. "An evil man who most people call You-Know-Who. My dad is an Auror and he's working hard to stop Voldemort from power. Not really working though." He shrugged and went back to eating his sandwich. I shook my head in disbelief. I wasn't going to believe Potter. "Who IS Voldemort?" I asked my friends. Alice answered. "James is right, Lily. Most of the wizarding world calls him You-Know-Who though." "But Potter..." Alice nodded. "His dad is an Auror. It's natural he wouldn't be so scared of saying You-Know-Who's name. Now do you understand?" she finished. Actually, I didn't. What's so scary about a name? But I nodded and said "Yup. I understand." Marlene abruptly stood up. "I have to go, I have DADA first period, and you know what the teacher's like. Nothing like Mr. Rochester!" she sang. "We all have DADA first period," said Alice looking confused. "What's the rush?" But Marlene was already gone. "Sorry about Marlene," I told Selena under my breath and we both laughed. "Hey, do you want to join my dormitory?" I said feeling a little shy. I did not expect her answer. "I don't know. Maybe." I frowned. I thought she'd be more grateful. "But I thought-" "That I'm the lonesome little kid?" she snapped then softened again. "I made a couple of friends, that's why I'm not sure. But I DO think I want to move in to yours. I'm just still considering..." she stammered. "And I-yeah." I nodded. "Okay," I said feeling a little displeased. We continued our breakfast with tension in the air.

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