I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


10. Truth or Dare

Molly looked confused. 
"Well...truth I guess."
Black smirked.
"I wonder...what would you do for a Klondike Bar?"
"What the heck?"yelled Molly. "Well...I 
guess I would...um...what's a Klondlike bar?"
"KlondIKE bar," said Potter impatiently. I gave him a look.
"That was the stupidest truth ever," Marlene said loudly. "And why bother correcting her? What is in a name? A rose by  any other name would smell as sweet-"
I cut her off hastily. "Okay, okay, we all agree it was stupid."
Alice snickered.
"Marlene, dare that 7th year," I nodded at a 7th year.
"Roberta Finnigan," she said impatiently in his Irish accent. "And seriously? No kissing? What's the fun in that-"
Marlene batted her eyes at the other girl.
Me and Alice exchanged a look, that said "what the heck" then rolled our eyes in unison.
"Dare," Roberta said, rolling her own eyes.
"Hey, I didn't ask the question yet!" Marlene protested.
"Okay, ask it already. It's not that hard, just say Truth or Dare!" she said looking flustered.
Molly smirked at me. We knew Marlene well enough that she would drag it out-
"Alright! Will you marry me?" Her voice interrupted my thoughts and for a second everyone looked shocked.
Then there were shouts of laughter from most of the people in the room.
I felt pretty bad for Roberta, but I had to admit that was hilarious, so I laughed until everyone settled down.
"I said, dare," grumbled Roberta.
"Fine then," huffed Marlene. "I dare you to-"
"Make it good!" Potter warned her.
"I dare you to name all seven of Snow White's dwarfs. Any you are unable to name in 30 seconds will be written on your arms, legs, belly or face by the other players," Marlene announced.
Trust Marlene.
Sniggers rose from the crowd.
Roberta looked like she wanted to slap Marlene.
I gave Roberta an apologetic smile, which she seemed to think was a tantalizing one.
"Pass," she said looking mad. "What the hell are the-"
In fifty seconds, all the dwarves names were written upon Roberta.
"This is boring..." moaned Pettigrew.
"No, it's not!" said Potter cheerfully. "But we'll just do one more round, and that's it. We collected food from the kitchen, so we'll eat after this."
There was a sound of approval from the HUGE crowd, even though most of the people in the castle had bailed out of coming (they obviously didn't believe the threat of losing hair).
"Truth or Dare, Lily?" I heard a quiet voice say.
"Oh-" I looked awkwardly at Sev.
"Truth, I suppose, Sev," I told him.
Potter interrupted him.
"Evans, if a building was on fire-"
Remus passed me a glass of water, looking guilty. I took a swig gratefully and felt a sudden urge to tell the truth-
"-And you could save Snape or me, who would you save?"
I looked at them thoughtfully.
"Well, I don't know. Ordinarily, I would save Severus as he is my best friend, but lately, he has not been the best best friend. Laughing at me...calling my friend mudblood. On the other hand, it would not be you as you are an arrogant toerag and I would be glad to rid my life of you, so I'd better make a list.
Sev's strengths are: caring, nice, modest. His weaknesses are the disability to stand up for people when they need it most," I babbled.
"You, Potter's weaknesses are rude, arrogant, smart but doesn't use it correctly. Your strengths..." I tapped my chin.
"Smart, I guess. You have a nice friend," I gestured at Remus. "And I suppose you ARE nice to some. So I would rescue both of you," I finished breathless.
And then I realized what I said.

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