I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


30. Puns

After classes, I invited Summer to our dormitory to put together some kind of costume. I made her bring all her dresses with her.
"But I don't understand..." she grumbled. "You can't put together a costume without a costume."
"What are you talking about?" I asked tiredly. "Of course you can! Just...cut up an old dress-"
"WHAT?" she shrieked. "NOOOO. I'm saving all my dresses for-you know. My crush," she said, giggling.
I sighed. "For the last time, Summer! We're too young to have a crush!"
"No, we're not," said Summer, frowning. "I'm 12."
"And WHEN did you turn twelve?" I demanded, turning around.
"In August," she said, glaring at me playfully.
"Well, that's not very long ago," I pointed out, turning back to the closet full of clothes. "What do you think of this grey dress?" I said, taking it out of the closet.
"Lame," she dismissed. "You wanna look striking for James," she added in a whisper, winking.
"WHAT IN MERLIN'S SAGGIEST UNDERPANTS?" I shrieked. "Are you CRAZY, woman?! I hate Potter!"
"RIGGGHT," she said slowly. "I'll believe that when you date some other guy," she said. "It's obvious you're waiting for him...to kiss you," she whispered.
I closed my eyes. "Goodbye Summer. I am not going to talk to you when you're like this."
"Wait!Lily? LILY!" 
3rd POV
"Dang, she's gone," muttered Summer in disappointment. "I'll just go hang out with the Giant Squid...or Remus...or Sirius...or James...but she might get JEALOUSSS," Summer said to herself, grinning. "So...Sirius it is!"
She skipped away.
"Summer! Hey, Summer!" shouted James. Summer turned. "Oh,hey Jamesies!"
"Do you think...you could...er...get Lily to like me?" he asked hopefully.
"She already does," said Summer dismissively.
"REALLY?" asked James, dumbfounded.
"No. She does like you. She's just in denial," said Summer, grinning happily. "So, do you know where Sirius is?" she asked.
James shrugged. "He's somewhere. Maybe trying to beg Remmy to do his homework..."
"I thought he was smart," said Summer, confused.
"I guess so....but he's way too lazy....and stuff."
"You're definitely not a literary genius," mumbled Summer. "So...where is Remus doing his homework?"
"Black Lake," said James. 

"Har har! Remus! Geddit? The BLACK Lake? Har har!"
"Exactly what lame pun are you trying to make there, Sirius?" asked Remus Lupin tiredly.
Sirius suddenly looked confused. "Well...the lake is black," he said.
"And what other pun?"
"It's...I forgot," he finished lamely.
"Well, I remember, seeing as you made the same pun a million times. Here it is: Your last name is Black. The lake was named after you, apparently," said Remus. "Now please go away and let me do my homework in peace."
"In your dreams, Remmy," said Sirius, sniggering. "So...can I copy your homework?" added Sirius hopefully.
"NO! FOR THE LAST TIME, NO!" shouted Remus. "GO AWAY!"
"Who's an angry werewolf? You are! Yes, you are," said Sirius, tickling under Remus' chin.
"I'm starting to question your interest in woman," Remus said through clenched teeth.
Sirius removed his hand.
"Works every time," mumbled Remus. "Will you go away now?" he added. "PLEASE?"
"Hey! Look! I just thought of this...this lake is called the BLACK lake! Like my last name! Har har..."
"No, Sirius. You did not just think of that pun. You thought of it many centuries ago. And I heard it about a million times. So please shut up before I hex you."
"Wait! Don't hex me!" Sirius ducked quickly. "I'm too pretty too be hexed!"
"I, again question your interest in woman."
"That's getting old, Remmy. That's getting WAY old."
"Look who's talking" Remus glared,
"Im talking, then your talking, and now Im talking" Sirius dumbly, Remus rolled his eyes.
"You cannot copy my homework because you need to learn for the future"
"How are mandrake thingies supposed to help me?" Sirius shot back,
"What if you were petrified"
"Well everyone might want to petrify me to keep my beautiful face with them at all times, but I'll use my awesome reflexes and they'll run away faster than a turtle" Remus actually laughed,
"Sirius, Turtles are nowhere near fast."
"LIAR" Sirius faked a cry, "You lie! Shame on you!  How dare a man lie," He picked up a 'turtle' and set it on the ground next to them. It ran away and soon disappeared from view. This time Remus was close to tears from how hard he was laughing,
"That was Alice's cat! A turtle is the green thing with a shell"
"LIAR" Sirius began to wail, "How dare you lie! How dare a man lie!" Remus rolled his eyes, stood up and started towards the loo,
"Where you going?" Sirius began to follow him,
"To the loo to drown myself,"
"Why would you do that dear Remmy?"
"Im a depressed boy with friends who must have hit their heads very hard when they were born"
"Awee! Don't say that about Jamesies and Peter" Remus threw his hands up in exasperation,
"I meant you,"
"Hugh?" Sirius looked confused, "How could you betray us? Your friends with that Hugh boy that is a first year and has a beard longer than Dumbledores?" Sirius' eyebrows furrowed, they reached Moaning Myrtle's bathroom,
"Who's there?" A soft voice came from behind one of the cubicle doors. Her head popped out from behind it,
"oooh the nice one's here,"
"Thanks" Said Sirius
"I was talking about dear Remmy" She giggled and waved in a flirting manner, Remus looked confused and pointed at himself,
"Who? Me?" Remus was suddenly very scared,
"Yes you" She giggled again, "Those brown eyes, and that hair. And that mind" She sighed, Sirius supressed a chuckle, and Remus glared,
"Uhhh...Sorry..I ...go" He pointed outside the bathroom door and ran for it with Sirius at his heels and a suddenly very hurt Myrtle wailing behind them.

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