I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


4. First Day Of Classes

I was giggling about one of Marlene's new obsession with scenes from Romeo and Juliet, while the others merely rolled their eyes solemnly.
"Honestly!" I exclaimed,"Why so serious? classes are about to begin." I squealed.
"Nerd, you honestly, out of all the wonderful things that magic has presented to us, you decide on the fact of a fair education." Marlene said as though thinking it sounded wise. I rolled my eyes at her..
"Weeeelllll, is it really nerdy?" I asked them,"that i want to do well to be an auror?"
"My Mums auror!!" Molly said, "she says that it's hard, but worth it."
"See!! Now come on before we're late!" I said worriedly.We ran onto the quidditch field faster than our legs could carry us.
"Excellent!Just in time,seeing as we are all already here, let us begin."Madam Hooch announced. I glanced over at Sev, who was laughing with the blond haired freak, and for a moment, he met my eyes, but he looked away quickly. "Weird," I though, but I waved it off.
"You will say clearly, UP ,with feeling, until you have caught the broom in your hand."She said,"One, two, three."A thousand ups were heard, the only one who had managed to do it was Potter, on his first go, meanwhile i was having a tough time.
"UP!!!!UP!!!!UUUUUPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!"I yelled frustrated,
"Now, now, Miss Evans, its not the matter of how loud you shout at your broom, but how much feeling,"I felt myself go red, as Lucius, Avery, and some other slytherins snickered, while Severus looked at me pityingly. So much for a great first day.
"Hey Evans,"I heard someone say, i felt an arm around me, i turned around to find the one and only Potter. I slapped his hand away.
"Now, Now Evans, be nice," he tutted,I tried to get away, but now the Sirius guy had come,
"come to your senses, have you..Choosing us." He smirked
"I would never choose you!!" I spat
"tut,tut, not much manners, eh?" Potter frowned mockingly, i squirmed
"stay away from her,"
"Severus," I said relieved, I walked over and stood next to him.
"You think Snivelly'l stop us, you truly know nothing," Black shook his head,
"I only know one spell, dad taught it to me, it goes something like, STUPEFY!" A light shot out of his wand,
"Sev!! I ran up to him...I only knew non-defensive spells, but I had an idea. A slap would do just as well,
"YOW!! what'd I do to you!?" He exclaimed, I glared
"Well that's one of the stupidest questions i've been asked in my life, and I'm a wizard coming from a muggle family, imagine that." I grabbed Sev's hand and pulled him away while he was still rubbing his back where he had fell.
"I'm sorry I got you into that trouble, i honestly am" I blabbed
"No problem," he muttered, "look, I'm meeting Lucy, so i have to go." he said quietly before shuffling off. I frowned. 'I' was his Best friend, not Lucy or Avery or blah blii. Anyway, potions with Slughorn.
I walked into the classroom with Molly, we were having the lesson with the ravenclaws.
"Good Morning Students." an old looking man walked in wearing a blue cape with black shirt and trousers, and he too wore spectacles...Why do all wizard teachers I know wear spectacles?!
"Today, you will be learning to make a hiccuping potion, open to page 56, and follow instructions, i will pass around to check how you all are doing." I was so excited! Rat tail-Crushed snailhorns-Powdered root of asphodel- drop of troll bogey- mix 3 times clockwise- i did as i was told- and tap the cauldron twice and say , "hicnosis" I recited this and  as professor slughorn began hicupping instantly after he drank it, I knew I would love potions.
Transfiguration and that was it for the day. I recognized the class teacher as the lady who led us into the great hall.
"Firrrrrrst of all, I a Prrrofessorrrr McGonagall. Today we will learrrn to turrrn a cloth, into a rrrrose." she said, handing out pieces of fabric, "Tap it twice and say, 'Rosmerata Verto''.
"well done Evans, first to do on the very first try. Excellent." I glowed with pleasure.
But then she noticed Potter's and added, "You too, Potter! That was great!" I looked and saw his HUGE magnificent looking rose, which he sniffed then handed to me. I bubbled with anger, and dropped it, then kicking the quite dirty now rose back at Potter.
"Now, I want a parchment long essay on the base of first year Transfiguration," I faced front again. Everyone groaned, but I now grinned, it would be longer than 1, that's for sure, I thought feeling as though everything had gotten much better.

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