I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


11. Christmas

A few months have passed. "The Marauders" are still bullying Sev a LOT. They call him Snivellus, and way worse too. Potter is still SO arrogant. But Sev has been hanging out with MULCIBER and AVERY. I mean, he used to, but not as much...I decided to confront him about it.

"Hey, Lily," he greeted me. "What do you want for Christmas? It's in what...4 days."
"Hey, Sev," I returned, smiling back. "Don't worry about Christmas...I'll accept anything-as long as it's something, mind," I joke-scolded. He gave me a look.
"What lesson do you have next, Lily? I have Herbology with-" he checked his time table and groaned audibly-"The HUFFLEPUFFS. That Pomona Sprout from Hufflepuff REALLY thinks she's SOMETHING! Just because she's successful in Herbology..."
It was MY turn to give him a look. "She IS something! Have you ever seen someone plant such a large mandrake tree without fainting?"
He gave me a puzzled look. "How'd you know about that?"
"Dylan told me," I muttered, ducking my head. I know Severus doesn't like Dylan much, and vice versa, but Dylan is really nice, even nicer than Alice and Molly.
"Anyway," I announced dramatically-oh Godric, Marlene must be rubbing off me-"I have Potions. With Ravenclaws. I'm making friends with Eddie Boot," I told Sev cheerfully. "Oh," Sev murmured, his head bowed. "Anyway, Sev, I wanted to ask you why do you hang out with Avery and Mulciber and Malfoy and Lestrange and Black? Not Sirius Black," I added hurriedly.
"Well..." he said hesitantly. "They're nice. I guess."
I looked at him. "You are JOKING," I said scathingly.
"I am," he admitted. "Yeah, I guess they just happen to be the only people to hang out with-or to be HONEST-the only people who hang out with me," he mumbled, face flushing. I let it go at that.
Then I went to Potions.
3 days later:
"It's 12:15 AM," recited Marlene in a monotone robot-like voice.
Molly, Mary, Alice and I all closed our eyes in unison. We were incredibly exasperated by her.
"Shut up, Marlene," groaned Alice. "When Christmas comes, it comes. Now PLEASE can we sleep?"

In the morning I threw the covers off my head. "Yahoo!" I yelled.
"It's the middle of the NIGHT!" rasped Molly.
"It's morning," I told her. She was "suddenly" wide awake.
"Christmas!" she shouted, and everyone awoke.
"Let's compare how many presents," she said eagerly.
I started toward the foot of my bed.
I stared. I had quite a few presents! I gathered them up and lugged them to Molly's bed where everyone sat, cross legged.
Molly's pile was largest. Mine was second biggest, then Mary's and Alice and Marlene both had few presents.
"I asked for less presents out of the goodness of my heart," Marlene stated proudly.
"Sure," Alice snorted. "We believe you."
The the fun part-ripping time! I threw the paper off the first present. It was a muggle necklace from our neighbors, Mrs. Pickwick and Mr. Pickwick. 
After I fastened the chain, I reached for the NEXT present. This was fun! Molly, being Molly, cleared the wrapping paper off with her wand. I rolled my eyes at Alice.
This was a wizard camera from mum and dad! I felt quite happy at the thought of taking pictures that would move.
I ripped the next one. It was a REALLY cute dress from...I checked the label; Alice.
She grinned at me. "Like it girl?"
I suddenly noticed there were no straps.
"Alice!" I shrieked. "I'm only ELEVEN!"
She fell about giggling.
"Ah well," she said, finally breathing fast.
"Why NOT?"
I couldn't answer so I went on with my present pile.
I opened one from-it was a pair of funky yellow heels. "Wow," I breathed, then read the tag.
"From the marauders".
I groaned.
I opened a new duffel from Molly, a stuffed duck from Mary (I laughed my head off) and a... kitten from Marlene.
I gasped. Her big blue eyes bore into mine.
"Mew" it purred as I stroked its ginger fur. I squealed at it, and I hugged her to my chest being careful not to squish her as I did so, since she was so tiny.
"Your name is Rose," I told her firmly. She merely stared at me, then let out another tiny mew. It was so I adorable. I waved my wand, and many pillows rose into the air and formed a bed for Rose. I placed her on the bed, and she looked at me as if to ask,
'Why are you putting me in this very comfortable bed of fluff. You're a human, you're not supposed to be nice' Wow, I speak cat. But after two minutes, she was sleeping soundly, and for a moment we all stared at the beautiful kitten, then I turned around and I opened my last present then.
I ripped the paper off, and inside I found a beautiful book, smaller than A4, a little thick, hard back, and it was a beautiful pearl white colour. Tiny white jewels shaped a flower on the cover, and above, in beautiful cursive handwriting, in a glowing gold marker, Was written Lily.
I opened the breathtaking book.
From Severus, it said on the inside. In this book, you can write your deepest, most inner feelings, reveal your thoughts..This book conceals it better than anyone.
I picked up my quill, as my friends watched me intently, I wrote in it, 'I thank Severus more than anything in this world, thank you.' And the writing disappeared.
"Wow" I breathed.

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