These Things i'll Never Say

Kelly doesn't seem lucky with no family to support her.Suddenly her childhood best friend and cousin take her and Alex under their wings and remind her of what she has.When she collides with a special someone will she let love take over or will she fight it like before.


7. Truth or Dare

                      ********2 weeks later********

                                   Kelly P.O.V

We spent the last 2 weeks either at the lads house, at work or rugby or topping up on our clothes for their house. It was kind of funny watching Liam and Harry try get Alex to like them but they both finally gave up a while ago. I'm one of the only people she told but when she was younger (around 14) she went out with Zac Efron but then when he got famous he ignored her, cheated on her and eventually broke up with her. Ever since, she has hated famous people. I was surprised that she put up with these lot for 2 weeks and agreed to go on tour with them. We are leaving tomorrow so all our bags are packed and in the hall. We're all just sitting on the couches in our pjs talking and playing truth or dare. I was sitting between Liam and Harry (we all got really close while I laughed at them arguing over Alex) while Alex was beside Niall and Zayn, so it was me, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Alex, Niall, Liam and back to me. Louis spun the bottle and it landed on me. "Truth or Dare my darling" he said pervertishly. "DARE!" "I dare you to switch tops with Hazza" Ugh, so childish was our Louis. "O.K lets do this" We stood up and Harry started walking to the door. My top was already off so I tapped his shoulder, "Uh Haz? can I have your top now mate" He saw me holding out my t-shirt and blushed like crazy before taking off his white "Hipsta Please" top and handing it to me. Man he had nice abs. Because I'm quite short you could still see some of his stomach so I just snorted as I threw on his top. As I turned I saw all the rest of them staring at me, even Niall and Louis. Oh ya they haven't seen me for a few years. "Boarding school" was all Alex could say before we started laughing again. Harry was still blushing when we sat back down and i spun the bottle and it landed on Liam "Truth or Dare?" " Truth" "Do you still like Alex?" His face went bright red. "What do you mean 'still'?" "I'm not blind sheesh" "Fine I do a little bit but not as much as before." "Hah, I knew it. Yuss!"He went even redder then and shuffled a bit beside me. He spun the bottle and it went on like this for an hour until we got bored. "Can we go shopping for clothes for the tour?" Alex suggested after we couldn't decide what to do. "Yes!Yes!Yes! London! O.K Everyone GET READY!". Louis yelled before running upstairs to get dressed. "I guess we're going shopping then". was all I said before going upstairs.

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