These Things i'll Never Say

Kelly doesn't seem lucky with no family to support her.Suddenly her childhood best friend and cousin take her and Alex under their wings and remind her of what she has.When she collides with a special someone will she let love take over or will she fight it like before.


6. Soppy stuff + movies

                         Louis P.O.V

While Kelly went in I decided to call Bethany . I haven't spoken to her in ages and I really miss her. She picked up after two rings. "Hey babe" "Hey Lou how's England?" "It's great I met up with my best mate today for the first time in four years!" "I thought Harry was your best friend" "He is right after her but I've known Kelly since I was seven years old" "Wait your hanging out with a girl when you said you were visiting your family and Niall's cousins. What the hell, you are basically telling me that you are cheating on me. How could you Lou?" she was getting really worked up now. "Babe,calm down and listen OK first I did visit my family and some family friends and secondly, she is Niall's cousin and thirdly I would never cheat on you, You are the best girlfriend ever and I love you. Now get a cup of green tea and relax." Ok Lou. I wanna meet her soon though." "I'll try arrange that soon love. Now I was calling to ask if you wanted to go on tour with us. Amy is coming too so you'll have company." "O.M.G Lou I would love to thank you. Oh crap I gotta go, I gotta get down to the store. Love you babe." "Ok bye love too". As soon as we hung up I saw Kelly running back with the prettiest girl ever except for Bethany of course. She hopped in the back while Kelly landed  heavily in the passenger seat. "ONWARD" they both said with their fingers pointed forward. I just shook my head and drove towards the pitch. Tonight will be interesting to see how the lads cope with these two.

          ******SKIP RUGBY TRAINING******

                        Kelly P.O.V

"Can we stop at our houses please" I begged Lou. He wanted to go strait to his place because he was freezing. "We can grab our stuff and shower at your house". "FINE!" he gave in "but you better be fast". As soon as we pulled in, Alex and I fell clumsily out of the car and scrambled up to our doors. I grabbed my wash bag, my Hulk onesie and spare clothes for tomorrow. The of us emerged at the same time, both of us muddy with no shoes or boots on, just socks and legged it down to the car. Before our doors doors were shut Louis was driving down to the HUGE house they were staying in. As soon as we arrived we jumped out (a bit more gracefully this time) checked for more pranks (I told Alex at rugby) before before running through  the door and shouting out where the bedroom and bathrooms were. Zayn came and said, "Bedroom 2nd door on the left on the third floor(I told you, big house) and the bathrooms are on both ends of the second floor." As soon as he said that we thanked him and ran the room. The beds were both made and they had towels folded at the ends, WOW. We dumped our bags, grabbed our towels and ran to the lovely warm showers.

After I got out of the shower I realized that I left my bag upstairs. Oh well how bad can it be. So I wrapped the towel around me, picked up my muddy clothes and headed into the hall. When I got as far as Alex's bathroom she emerged in a towel as well. We just shrugged and headed for the stairs. Joking as we went as usual. When we got to the stairs the boys were coming up too. As any guy would, Liam and Harry stared at Alex, Zayn tried not to look at anyone while Niall and Louis just sighed at me, as they did every time I forgot something or did something like this. "Hi I'm Alex" was all she said before we left them behind while we just sniggered at their shocked faces. We changed into our Hulk and Superman onesies and bounced down to the kitchen. We knew Niall would be there so we were gonna ask him where the t.v and the boys were. He led us to the living room after stocking up on popcorn, sweets, drinks and taytos (crisps too everyone not Irish). When we arrived at the door we heard arguing but as soon as they saw us they stopped. Zayn was looking through D.V.Ds while Liam and Harry stared at Alex again. We spotted a long, soft couch and smirked at each other before diving onto it. "Dibs on this couch with Niall and Louis!" we shouted before grabbing the blanket and getting comfy. Liam and Harry's faces dropped as they sat on opposite ends of the other couch. I wonder what they were at.

                     Liam P.O.V 

I can't believe he wouldn't let me sit beside Alex. He always tries to take the girls I like it's so unfair. She's so pretty it's so unbelievable. Harry and Zayn obviously know already but I can't tell Niall, Kelly or Louis. Louis used to be close to Kelly so he'll tell her and she'll tell Alex and that can't happen. Harry likes her too but he always gets the girls. Ugh.

                       Louis + Niall P.O.V

We've decided to ask Kelly if she wants to go on tour with us. She'll probably want Alex to come too. So we made sure to have extra space. We'll ask during the movie.

                         Kelly P.O.V 

Obviously they picked a horror movie but what didn't know was that Alex and I watch horrors like couples watch rom-coms. During the least scary part of the movie Louis leaned over and said that he had to ask me something. "We're not getting married now what's your question?" I grinned and he started fake crying "But I thought you loved me" he wailed. Then suddenly got the giggles and ended up rolling on the floor. "O.K what's the question now?" "Will you marry me. Haha please don't" we giggled again. "Do you wanna go on our American tour with us?" "Can Alex come?" "Yup she can" "Ok sure but I need to work and rugby is still on" Now that is a big problem. "I'll tell them to keep your job for you and there will be a gym wherever we go" "Ok I'll go", and with that I did a little victory dance and jumped onto Alex "We're going on tour with these yokes" "O.M.G Really? Where's the tour?" "America" Niall joined the conversation "Awesome I'm in" "I know you don't have a choice". Was all I said before getting more food.

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