These Things i'll Never Say

Kelly doesn't seem lucky with no family to support her.Suddenly her childhood best friend and cousin take her and Alex under their wings and remind her of what she has.When she collides with a special someone will she let love take over or will she fight it like before.


8. Shopping

                          Kelly  P.O.V

Seeing as we were going all the way to London I thought I'd wear something comfy so I wore some black jeans, my white fake converse, Harry's t-shirt and black leather jacket. When I came out they said I'd look like Ross from their support act R5 if I had blonde hair and was a guy. Meh! I tied my hair in a high ponytail and grabbed my essentials (phone,iPod and wallet) and headed over to Alex's walk in wardrobe.As soon as I exited mine I knew what was going on.

                          Alex P.O.V

OH MY GILROY! I have nothing to wear. I saw a nice dress but when I put it on I looked fat. Eugh!! I heard a door shut and a sigh and knew it was Kelly. ''Kelly help meee!'' I begged before coming out in my tracksuit and Michael Jackson t-shirt.''I think you should wear that'' she smiled with that chipmunk smile of hers. I just looked at her disapprovingly as she got the giggles and when she starts, she can't stop. After she calmed down a bit she straightened up. ''Show me watcha got'' and we got down to business. I ended  up wearing dark wash jeans,yellow converse ,a POW top with a sky blue jacket. I left my hair down and put on mascara and lip-gloss. Bingo my dream guy could be waiting for me so I gotta look good.We trampled down the stairs and bundled into the van. ''Cabbage Go'' Kelly shrieked and we pulled out.

                     *skip car ride*

                        Liam  P.O.V

When we got to London Louis decided that we should split up into two groups so we won't get noticed that easily. I was with Kelly,Louis and Zayn, the other group was Alex,Harry and Niall. Alex and Kelly wanted to go together but we knew they would get lost or something and they'de pay themselves but we wanted to get them some stuff.(Louis idea, he said they won't buy anything expensive). So Kelly obviously said Primark so we just followed her. She went through all the sale rails but couldn't find anything so she  reluctantly moved onto the dresses and jeans. She checked all  the prices first so we finally told her to get anything she wanted or at least to try stuff on so she have us her size and we went hunting, laughing at everything for no apparent reason.We went to the changing room and filled the room with nearly everything.''You have to show us everything before you take it off O.K'' ''Fine'' and off she went to try on everything. 

          Kelly P.O.V

They gave me so much stuff I kinda had 4 clear sections. The punky black,white and leather from Zayn, blue,white and red stripes from Louis, flowy,cute,flowery stuff with a bit of edgy red and black from Liam and my little blue pile. I tried on outfit after outfit before finally ending with a skin tight navy and white stripy crop top with a bright red skater skirt and navy vans.''Last one'' I called and they said o.k so I came out Louis looked proud while I tried to cover the thin line of flesh between the top and the skirt. The other two just nodded approvingly before I went to put my original outfit on.As soon as I opened  the curtain they bombarded the place putting clothes on hangers and each taking a big bundle but Louis,s stash was the biggest. ''Wait right here'' and they ran off. So I waited for a few minutes and they each returned with two bags each. I must've looked confused because Louis sassily said ''When you go shopping with us, you go by our rules'' They laughed at him but I couldn't let them buy me all of that. ''What the Heck guys! you can't buy me all of that'' ''We can, and we are and we gotta meet the others in a sec so come on'' Liam said quickly, sensible as ever. So I gave in and followed them. When we saw the others Alex didn't look impressed and the boys were carrying Primark bags too. 3 each! It was quiet sunny so the boys sunglasses didn't stand out. They hurried us down some allies but then they quietly announced that we were lost. GREAT. Then I saw a tall girl around our age up ahead so Alex and I ran up to her to ask for directions. Niall said we were looking for Jack Wills because he needed a new jumper. She  was really pretty and she had beautiful long hair.''Hi sorry to bother you , I'm Kelly and this is Alex. We're looking for a Jack Wills, do you know where it is?'' ''not a problem I'm actually on my way there because I work there. I can walk you there. I'm Aoife by the way''. We called the guys to say she was shoeing us the way and Harry seemed to be looking at her a bit.We didn't tell her their names because she was wearing a 1D top and I figured out that was the band they were in. We talked on the way there so we were disappointed that she was leaving but I got her number so we could stay in contact.As a way to thank her I got an idea. '' So you like one direction then?' ''Ya, I love them.Harry is my favourite''. ''Do you want to meet him?'' ''Are you kidding I'de love to but you can't just ring Simon Cowell and ask him to meet someone'' ''I don't have to,Haz,come here''. He walked over and I told him to take off his cap and glasses. ''Please don't scream'' he said as he took them off, I could tell she wanted to as soon as he said it. ''Hi I'm Harry'' ''I know '' she managed before crushing me in a hug. ''Thank you so much O.M.G'' ''No bother''. And with that he covered himself and we went to the shop. The boys wandered off while me and Alex talked to Aoife.She was so nice I knew Harry liked her. She seemed really smart. Finally the lads came with loads of hoodies and tracksuites. WOW they like their clothes. She said they could have a discount but they said no and gave her a huge tip. Haryy was the last and told us to head outside and that he would catch up with us. When he finally came outside he was smiling like anything and we headed back to the car.


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