These Things i'll Never Say

Kelly doesn't seem lucky with no family to support her.Suddenly her childhood best friend and cousin take her and Alex under their wings and remind her of what she has.When she collides with a special someone will she let love take over or will she fight it like before.


5. Sangwiches

                      Kelly P.O.V

Damn I got them goooood! Liam is nice too. I think that we'll get along just fine. I've never made friends this fast before and I'm kinda scared. That's why I went to get food. Niall and Louis came in grinning like hell. "What are ye so happy about. Did ye get laid or something?" "No we have girlfriends. Can we not smile or something?" Louis asked slowly. "No it just........." just then Liam, Harry and Zayn came in, the two all cleaned up by now. I looked at Louis, Niall and I they got the point. Harry and Zayn seemed to have forgotten our little episode and talked to us while they raided the extremely full fridge. "Oh my Gilroy" was all I could stutter before me and Niall raced to the fridge and cupboards, shoving people out of the way as went. He basically rammed everything into a sandwich. When we were younger we would always have sandwich contests. Obviously, I always won and every time I made a sandwich I made I made it really big. Compared to Niall's"Everything between 2 slices" I made two sandwiches the size of Niall's, put more filling on top of 1st one and put the second one on top, all within 2 minutes. Nialls was always so slow. The boys just stared at us so I just started eating it and so did Niall.

When I as finished I made a huge burp and Louis clapped proudly while the three others just let their jaws drop. "What? Never heard a girl burp before? Or make big sandwiches? Jeez! Wait till you meet Alex, her burps caused hurricane Sandy.They finally stopped staring and just laughed. I looked at the clock. "Oh shizouka, speaking of Alex I gotta go meet her in 5 minutes for rugby. Lou can you drive pleeease!" I begged. "Fine! But only if I can watch and bring Alex back here after to met the lads and for a movie night and then ye can sleep in the spare room. Pleeease!" he imitated my begging and I slapped his arm and nodded in agreement. "To my house!"

We chatted and joked to my house when I ran up to put on my shorts, jersey and socks with a tracksuit over it. I shoved my boots, gumshield and bottle of water into my boot bag and legged it downstairs. Louis was still in the car so I ran over to Alex's place across the road. "Cabbage go Alex! No being weird in the car Louis bringing us" "Ok whatever"

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