These Things i'll Never Say

Kelly doesn't seem lucky with no family to support her.Suddenly her childhood best friend and cousin take her and Alex under their wings and remind her of what she has.When she collides with a special someone will she let love take over or will she fight it like before.


2. Friends Forever

   Kelly P.O.V 

They both left.The two people I trusted,to do some singing contest. I didn't watch it on tv, its called "The X Factor" or something weird like that. My cousin Niall from Ireland entered it a few years ago and he never back except on short visits to his family, but never visited us in Doncaster but he texts me sometimes just so I know he's still there. Louis left too. We have been friends since I moved over from Ireland when i was six. We met at school when I was plonked onto the seat beside him by my mother. He was the class joker and I was his silent side-kick. I wouldn't talk to people I didn't know very well, still don't, but when we hung out at one of our houses, I could just talk till one of us had to go home or when on e of our parents turned the lights off at our sleepovers. We used to text a few times a month but usually end by him saying "g2g, uncle Si calls :)". He stopped texting and replying after a while.

After they left i had no one to talk to, I continued what I usually did;play rugby, go to school, read and listen to music. The only different things I did as talk to my new best friend Alex.I never see my parents since they kicked me out five years ago.Apparently I was a nuisance an d a waste of space and money. So I rent an apartment in Stroud. Everyone thinks that i moved out to move on with my life because my parents seem to tell everyone that including Niall and Louis families.

I was doing what I did every Saturday evening,on the way to the shop from the gym singing along to my ipod,when my phone vibrated. When I opened it I saw it was from Niall "Hey peri peri Im in England with some mates and I was kinda hopin 2 c ya! We'r in Stroud rite now warez ur appt :)" OMG...OMG....My sweet chilli chicken wrap is in Stroud to see me."Yay!! I can meet u at Stratford Park and walk back.I'm nearly dare anyway:)" I ran the rest of the way to the park just as i saw a blonde head pop out of a new car.I shouted "Niall" and ran towards him as quick as i could.He turned and saw me and screamed "Kelly" at me.We hugged for what seemed like forever before he to let me go and check for broken bones, After all the the "i missed yous" and "how are you"s he decided to bring his friend out of the car to introduce us. "Lou, get outta the car and say hi to my cousin". A messy brown head bounced out out the drivers door and ran around to us. He looked quite familiar but I couldn't remember where from. "Kelly this is Louis,Lou this is my cousin Kelly" Niall announced proudly. It suddenly clicked and my jaw went slack and I saw recognition spread over his features. "Tommo?" "Kells"We both screamed and hugged for another while Niall looked confused."You know each other?" he asked."No duh!" we replied in perfect unison. That really freaked him out."How about we get dinner?"Louis suggested."No money"was all i said.They dragged me to the car and told me that they were paying.Once again,at the exact same time.I just laughed.

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