Steps To Stardom

She's just a small town girl from Dallas, Texas. But she becomes a superstar with her new family one direction. But who does she have an affair with? And about Amanda. She becomes a-a movie star! But what happens to her relationship with Harley? ��


2. Twitter Chat

Their first day with the boys was fun. They had taken us shopping. We got all different clothes just to fill our closest! When we got home we went straight up into our rooms. I was laying on my bed then I heard a knock on the door. I assumed it was Amanda, but it wasn't. It was Niall. "Hey Niall what's up!?" I say sitting up. "You bored?" He says opening his laptop. "Haha yea just a little bit. Why you ask?" I say looking at him. "Because I have to do the live chat on twitter and I was wondering if you wanna be in it?" He says. I shake my head and he signs in to twitter. He tells his followers he's about to go live and that this chat is going to be a special chat. He pulls up the live chat. "Hey guys. So I know I haven't been on in a while but I have someone speak for you to meet. I want you to meet Harley Tomlinson. She's the newest member of our family. If you look over at Liam's live chat. Her friend is with him." I wave and people just start messaging him questions. One of the questions were are you a directioner? "Am I a directioner? TOTALLY! Why wouldn't I be I won the contest!" We answered the questions and just talked. When Niall was about to hang up another question popped up. Do I have a secret crush on one of them? If so who is it? "Umm yes, I do have a secret crush on one of them." I say looking at Niall. Niall starts to blush. "And if y'all can't tell it's obviously Niall!" I say pushing him. He hung up and just looked at me...

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating. But sorry for the short chapter. I'll update later again tonight I promise!



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