Best friends

About how two friends were getting ready for school but then get kid napped by the one and only one direction


3. strange house

When they took us to a dark room they threw us in and locked the door after they close it. I was really scared. But it turns out that there were other girls in there so I asked them what they were going to do to us . They said they were going use us to make out with or have sex with. But as soon has she was done talking I heated the key unlock the door and it open and all five boys were there and they graves me and took me into a bed room. Harry went first he striped me and took my underwear and bra off and he striped him self to and then before I knew it he jumped on top of me and stared giving me love bites then he ask if I was ok I lied and said yes. Then he got dressed and then zayn came in and he striped him self and did the same thing only his was better. Then after him Niall, then Louis , then Liam . After that I was taken some where eles.

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