my minecraft adventure


1. part l

I was 9pm, and my best friend Grace and I, had been playing minecraft for 12 hours, working on the best world in the whole of minecraft. it was awesome, had three theme parks, forty restaurants, and twenty-four thousand houses in it. I was finishing off the final house, adding what looked like ivy, and rose-beds to the ground and completing all of the furniture in that house. Grace was going around all of the houses I had made, and I should have been going around all the houses she had made, but I was concentrating so much on the details, I kind of got carried away, add ivy to the insides of the house, causing me to redo the house all over again.

"Have you finished that house yet? I've checked all of your house, and I need to make changes to all of mine to match the standard of your houses. I also think we need another theme park. one with a restaurant and stalls where you can win stuff, and we need supermarkets, and farms, this world will take at least another 48 hours, possibly more than that. we can't sleep tonight if we want this to be entered into the world's best world in minecraft!"

"okay Grace, I get it. you want this to be perfect so that we win the £2,000,000 prize. you work on your houses and then the theme park. I will do the supermarkets, and the farms, and add 10 more houses just to increase the amount of blocks we used."

So, we got started with the new plans. it took 78 hours to get it all completed, going into the houses and theme parks and adding more and more to all of the planet we created. we then entered it into the competition, only to find two weeks later we had won!!!! mojang invited us down to their H-Q to experience the minecraft life.



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