Be My Solid Ground

You know the kid at school with no friends? The kid who gets beaten up and teased by the populars? That little boy in the corner of the classroom? That's Zayn. Zayn Malik!

Read to find out how Zayn copes with all the bullying, name calling and bitching behind his back.


2. The drawing

Zayn's POV


After my PE lesson, I headed to my homeroom, dodging all the bullies on my way. When I arrived, I sat down in my seat as the teacher, Ms Lingham, started speaking.


''OK, kids get your reading books out and just read for ten minutes, I'll be back in a few!'' She announced, before rushing out of the room. I smiled at her before she went, and she returned it, before reaching down for my book in my bag. I took my glasses off for a moment, as they were irritating me and started reading, being the only one doing so as everyone else was messing about. Five minutes into my book, I felt something light hit my head. I looked up to see people with spit balls, all aiming at me. I used my book as a shield as they all hit me, hard.


''NO, JIMMY PROTESTED!'' Louis shouted in my ear making me jump. I looked confused for a moment, before realising that Louis Tomlinson was mimicking my reading. I sighed and got back to my book, before hearing a loud thump. I looked up again, feeling irritated, to see Niall standing on my desk wearing my glasses. My eyes widened and I shook my head, scared that he will break them.


''Hey wise guy, get outta my office!'' Niall spat, making everyone chuckle loudly.


''Please, N-Niall, be c-careful!'' I begged, hardly over a whisper, but he insisted on taking my glasses off and chucking them at the wall, smashing them into millions of tiny pieces.


''Niall!'' I barked, standing up and pushing him off the table. He got up, with fire in his eyes (which turned a dark brown), and made his way over to me. Suddenly his abs looked huge and his six pack was obvious, making me feel a lot more scared.


''WHAT DID YOU JUST DO THAT FOR, YOU LITTLE C*NT!'' He wailed, throwing a slap in my direction. I yelped in pain, my vision getting blurry.


''N-nothing!'' I whimpered, feeling scared for my life.


''Good!'' Niall's eyes returned to their old blue selves and he clamed down, smirking at me. He went back to his seat and I stumbled over to where my broken glasses lay, looking dead. I let out a single sob, as I collected all the little glass and shoved them in my pocket. I quietly trudged back to my sat, just as Ms Lingham walked back in, looking very angry.


''Right, off to your lessons then!'' She dismissed us, but seeing as I had two frees, I took my time packing up. I slowly left the classroom, making sure to smile at Ms Lingham. She saw me and looked clamed, before smiling back and sliding out of the other door.


As soon as I was out of the building, I sauntered to my tree at the far end of the field. I dumped my bag down, sliding my back down the branchy tree, landing my butt on the soft grass. I breathed in the fresh air, before pulling out my drawing pad. I slid my pencil across the page, making the smooth humming noise which I loved, and drew the girl from earlier. I drew her leaning on her bag her beanie slightly hiding one of her eyes. Her black her blew in the wind, and she looked tired. I must admit, she looked very cute in my drawing.


Just like she did in real life!

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