Half a heart

Edith Perez meets the typical bad boy, Zayn Malik. She wants nothing to do him, but he wants to mess with her. Edith soon finds herself falling for the mess that is Zayn.



"Bye mom." I say for the last time.

"Bye honey. I'm going to miss you." My mom says wrapping her arms tightly around me.

I smile and when the embrace is over grab my keys. I walk into the driveway where my car is filled with my things for college. I look back at my old house.

I am going to miss it here, but going to the college of my dreams, Lincoln University, makes everything okay. I smile before climbing into my old car. The engine sputters and I pull into the street, beginning the drive.

I turn on the radio and hum along to the various songs playing. I can't help but smile most of the car ride. I am so excited, beyond excited.

I look at my smiling reflection in the mirror. My dirty blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail and I have a thin coat of lip gloss on my pink lips. Plane Jane, I remember all the boys calling me that in high school. I shake my head, only because it's true.

I have on a pair of worn jeans and a t-shirt that go along with my old sneakers. I yawn, I wish my mother had come along.

She had a church event otherwise she would probably be sitting in the passenger side. I focus on the roads which, the farther I drive the busier they get. I already know I am going to miss the small town.

Two hours into the car drive and I have the radio louder then normal and screaming toothe songs. Car trips are so boring. Finally, i can see the sign saying welcome to Lincoln. I smile and turn the radio back down. I begin looking at the tall buildings and the sun shining in the blue sky. I can tell i am going to like it here.

I follow the directions I have to get to campus and park my car. There a lot of other people walking around with parents and boxes of sorts. I grab my keys and grab my bag from the backseat. i decide to come back for the two boxes of my other stuff later. A guy is leaning against his car smoking a ciggerate. I make an effort to walk as far away from him as I can get. I see other students standing in a fast moving line to check in to their dorms. I smile and take a deep breath, before getting into line.

"Edith Perez." i smile at the tan guy holding a clipboard. He is older then me, i am sure. He flips through the papers on his list writes something, then hands me a key.

The key tag gives me the dorm room number, 45. I walk away from the line and walk into the building. The walls are white and the hallways smell like linen or something. My goal is to only stay here for half of the semester. I plan on finding a decent job and getting a small apartment or something. Thank god my mom is paying for college, I can use the money I already have saved to buy an apartment.

When I slide the key into the lock of the dark wooden door and open it a girl stands on her bed. Her hair is long and black she hops down a smile on her are face. Her eyes are dark.

"Hi, I'm Waliyha." She has a red dress and a black overcoat on. She has the most beautiful accent.

"I'm Edith." i smile. My plain lips don't match her perfect red lip gloss and flawless makeup.

I set my bag down on the bed and Waliyha begins unpacking more boxes.

"I'll be back." I say more to myself than to her. I shove the key into my pocket just in case and walk back to my car.

The same guy is still leaning against his car smoking the same cigarette. I walk by to the trunk and grab the two boxes. I do my best of carrying both boxes and not bumping anyone. I listen to the footsteps behind me as I make my way back to the room.

When I stop and open the door I jump as hot breath tickles my neck.

"Need some help?" I turn and find the guy from the car behind me, a smile on his face. He takes the top box and I feel the relief of only caring one box wash over me.

I open the door and set down the cardboard box on the plain mattress. The guy does the same.

"Thanks." I say and wait for him to leave instead he sits on Waliyha's bed.

"What are you doing?" I ask him raising an eyebrow.

Waliyha comes out of the bathroom and smiles at the guy sitting on her bed.

"Zayn! He's my brother, sorry if he scared you." She says hugging Zayn.

I look at the two. He is much taller than her but they both have dark hair and the same skin tone. I sit awkwardly before turning to my boxes. I really don't want to unpack, but I know I should.

I find the picture of me standing with my sister in its black wooden frame. I smile and go through the box, all my clothes and toiletry items are in the cardboard box. I move to the second box and take out my bedding.

"I'm going to get a soda Edith you want one?" Waliyha asks me.

"Can you get me a Pepsi I'll pay you back." I say unfolding my white sheets.

"Yeah I'll be back." She smiles leaving Zayn and I in the room. I turn and quietly put the sheets and comforter onto my bed.

"Do you like it here?" Zayn's smooth voice scares me. His accent is very much like Waliyha's.

"I just got here." I say shaking my head. I toss my two pillows at the top of my bed and push the two boxes under my bed.

I sit criss cross on my bed and watch Zayn. The joke is on me because he seems to be watching me already. He runs his hand through his dark black hair a sideways smile on his face.

I stare at his dark caramel eyes and they stare back at mine. I let my eyes wander around his body. I can see under his black t-shirt her has strong muscles. I look at the tattoos on his right arm. I watch as his hands pull out a cigarette.

I watch with wide eyes as he lights it.

"Stop what are you doing?" I say standing up and walking over to him. I don't know what I can do about it except try and take the darn thing from his mouth.

A smirk is on his lips as I reach for the stupid thing from his lips. His eyes sparkle and he leans back. I frown in frustration and my fingers graze the cigarette and I lean forward. My knee brushes against his leg.

"God just give it to me." I say ripping it from his mouth.

I look at it in the palm of my hand and look at Zayn. I am halfway on his sisters bed chest not far from his. My empty hand is on the side of his left leg.

I pull away quickly and Zayn's face is nothing but amused.

"Now what are you going to do?" His voice is memorizing, with his British accent. I look at the cigarette lightly burning in my palm.

Hold in between my fingers, the smoke tickling my nose.

"I dare you." His voice is taunting. Eyes sparkling.

I am not stupid. I can't remember the last time I've ever done anything like this. Now that I think about it, I've never done anything like this. I know I shouldn't, but I really have never had any fun. Just once.

I close my eyes and open them. I bring it to my lips slowly. I lightly close my mouth around it. I am lost, what do I do?

"Breathe in." He leans back watching me.

I take a small breath and smoke fills my lungs. I am unsure what I am doing so I take it away from my lips. I cough lightly and wait until my breath is back to normal.

"Wow you did it." He chuckles and stands. He is taller than me. I only come to his eyes.

"Here. That was a terrible idea." I say handing him the cigarette back. He shrugs and takes it back into his mouth.

"It was funny though." He says. The door opens and Waliyha walks in carrying three sodas.

Thank god. Now I can get the terrible taste out of my mouth. She smiles and hands me the can of Pepsi. I notice how she looks at her brother giving him am odd look. I ignore it and sit back on my bed, drinking my Pepsi.

"Zayn, seriously put that damn thing out." Waliyha says taking the cigarette and throwing it into the bathroom sink.

"You should have been here, I got Eden right? To try it." Zayn laughs with a devilish smile on his face.

Waliyha turns to me,"Do not listen to him, Edith. He is a bad influence. Zayn her name is Edith!" She says quickly.

Zayn rolls his eyes and I sit quietly. I take mental note not to let Zayn influence me. Sure he's cute, but he does give off that bad boy vibe. I begin thinking about how classes will be and about the people I will meet.

Maybe I just won't meet anyone I could stay in my dorm room all day. On my laptop, phone doing pointless things really. Just like the pointless life I live. "Edith you should come." Zayn's voice intrudes my thoughts.

I have no clue what he is talking about, but I think I'm better off away from him.

"No thanks. Maybe next time?" I offer, knowing next time will never happen. I don't allow myself the satisfaction that he likes me because that would be silly. He is attractive and he could get any girl on this campus, I am sure. So I will be better off not thinking like that.

"Okay next time then." Zayn says getting up and walking out.

Waliyha has a worried expression etched onto her face.

"Are you okay?" I ask. She gives me a terrible fake smile.

"Oh I'm fine. So where are you from?" She says moving clothes to the one closet in the room. Good then I can have the dresser.

"North Platte. You?" I ask. Obviously she is from England or something.

"Originally I lived in Bradford, but we moved to New York then found ourselves here." She smiles.

I begin moving my clothes to the dresser and carry on our conversation.

"You and your brother?" I ask, placing my folded jeans and such into the top drawer.

"Yeah. Zayn came here last year so then I came. Our mum and two sisters are in New York still."

"Oh, so you guys are close I take it?" I finish placing my drab wardrobe into the dressed and lay back on my bed.

"Kind of, I guess." She shrugs.

"Oh. I'm an only child." I say.

"So if your bossy I'll know why." She laughs and I join in.

"Oh it's been an hour and a half already?" I say more to myself. I grab my bag and find my laptop and charger.

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