New Found Love.

Best-friends, Olivia and Samanda have just finished college and are looking for a new apartment. Finding the perfect one was easy but living next to five idiots wasn't so... relaxing.


1. The perfect apartment.

"We'll take it." I cheered to the property sale agent as my best friend just smiled. We had been hunting for the perfect apartment for at least four hours and this, this is the perfect one for us. Seen as we had just finished college, we didn't have a great sum of money and neither of us wanted to be far from London.

"Great! That was probably the longest time and the most houses I've ever shown to anyone." Ian told us with a laugh. Ian was the name of the sales agent who has been showing us all of the houses up for sale. He's a nice guy, maybe just a few years older than us. Really funny too. We laughed along with him as we all walked back into the kitchen area.

"So the apartment is up for £22,000 but I could knock it down to £20,000 just for you two. First three months electric, gas and water is free, all the furniture is here but obviously you can buy what you need and I think that's about it. All you have to do it move your things in!" His smile was huge as he ended his 'speech' about our new apartment. He had already explained all of this to us on the drive here but I didn't mind."That's amazing! Thank you so much Ian. We should be able to buy what furniture we need now with that extra two grand in our pockets." Samanda spoke for the first time in four hours. She's not really the one for speaking but it's easy that way for me because I never shut up. And yes, her name is Samanda, not Samantha or Sam. Samanda. 


Once all of the paper work was done and everything was sorted with our new apartment, Ian left. 

"Is it OK if I go pick my room first?" Samanda asked me as I plopped down onto the leather sofa. I gave her a slight nod and closed my eyes, resting my back against the cold leather. Samanda and I have been friends since we were four years old. We're both the same age but she is just two days older than me. We were both brought up in the South of London, both by only our mums because my dad was put in a mental hospital when I turned two and Samanda's dad left when she was three. A high pitched screamed sounded around our newly bought apartment. My blonde haired friend came rushing out of a room and jumped onto the sofa next to me. "What is it? What's wrong?" I asked in a rushed tone. I'm very protective over her, more like sisters than friends. "Spider. Room. Huge!" She breathed out. Her biggest fear has to be spiders. I got up and walked over to the room she previously ran from. I looked around to see nothing. "There's nothing in here, Samanda." I looked back at her to see her chewing on her nails. "Yes there is! It's next to the light switch." I rolled my eyes and focused into the room. Now I see why she ran out like that. This fucker is huge! It started to move towards me so I backed out of the room and shut the door. 

"Bloody hell he's a big one. You'll have to used another room for now until everything is sorted." 

"I can't, Olivia. There's only two rooms and I really like that one, it has a built in closet." She wined. 

"But-" A knock at the door cut me off. I went over and opened it to find a young male standing there. He was gorgeous, brown hair swept to the side, blue eyes. I hadn't noticed I was staring until he cleared his throat and smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Louis Tomlinson. I live down there with four of my friends and we heard someone scream, figured it would be you. Are you OK, love?" His voice was so unique and sweet. "Oh. Yeah that was my friend Samanda, we just moved in and there's a spider in her room." I laughed and looked passed Louis to see another boy walking in our direction. "A spider? Horrible things them. Would you like me to get it?" The brown haired boy asked. 

"That would be great, thanks." 

"Hello." The other boy spoke once he reached my apartment door.

"Hi." I smiled.

"This is Niall, one of the boys I live with. Niall this is.." Louis stopped realising he didn't know my name. 

"Olivia. I'm Olivia Johnson and that's my friend Samanda Becks." They looked passed me, into our living room to see the back of her head. 

"Who screamed?" Niall asked. 

"It was the blonde girl, there's a spider in her room. Go get it out Niall. I'm afraid of them." Louis speaks before me. My eyes widen at the boy. He's afraid of spider? 



"Thank you for that." I thanked Niall as he walked out of Samanda's room with the spider in his hands. "No problem, see ya later." He smiled and walked back down to his apartment. 

"What will he do with that?" I ask. 

"I don't know but I'm guessing he's going to put it in my room so I'll see you later, Olivia." He ran off before I could say goodbye. I shut the door and sighed. Five boys live down the hall from us. This should be good. 

"That Niall guy was nice." I heard a voice behind me. 

"Yeah, that Louis guy was too." 




Here's the first chapter for 'New Found Love' 

Tell me what you think? If it gets 10 likes or more then I will continue with it.. 

 ~Lucy oxox

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