Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


5. Sure.

Everything became kinda weird after that.

I went to school, and actually though everything was as normal.

 But it wasn’t.

I unlock my locker and took out my gym clothes, when Justin came over.


Justin: Hey


He smiled and licked his under lip.

I smiled back.


Emma: Hey

Justin: So I was wondering.

Emma: About what?

Justin: Do you want to go on a date with me tonight?


I blushed.


Emma: Sure, Justin.


He smiled.


Justin: Great, I will pick you up around 6.

Emma: Okay.


He smiled again and walked away.

He seemed so happy.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

Ally came towards me.


Ally: Why are you smiling, like a crazy person?

Emma: I got a date tonight.

Ally: With who?


I looked at the floor and blushed.


Emma: Justin.

Ally: No way!

Emma: Way.

Ally: We will get you to look like such a pretty girl!

Emma: Wow! No! I can handle this by myself.

Ally: My best friend finally gets asked on a date, and then I can’t help her?

Emma: Exactly.


We walked together to the gym locker rooms.


Ally: So where are you guys going tonight?

Emma: I don’t know, all I know is that I have to be ready at 6, he will pick me up.

Ally: I think he likes you.

Emma: It’s kinda cute.


At the same time at the boys locker room.


Todd: So did you score her yet?

Justin: We’re going on a date tonight.

Todd: Do you think you’re getting some tonight?

Justin: You said nothing about sex?

Todd: Didn’t i`? Ups.

Matt: Dude, you can’t score without getting some.

Justin: Come on guys, I think she is a virgin.

Todd: That’s awesome dude, then she is tight.

Justin: Are you serious? You want me to take her virginity.

Matt: Okay, we can make a deal. You don’t need to take her virginity.

Todd: You have to take her to the prom.

Justin: Deal.


They walked out to the gym hall.


Justin (thinking): Maybe, this is a mistake. She is a really sweet girl and I kinda think she likes me. It would be a shame if her heart got broken. 


We were playing basketball.

Of course I was winning over Ally.

She wasn’t that athletic.

I looked around and saw Justin playing football with the guys.

We made eye contact.

Justin smiled and waved at me.

I smiled and waved back.


Ally: He likes you.


I didn’t answer.

After school, Ally drove me home.


Ally: Remember, don’t let him control you.

Emma: I know, thanks Ally.

Ally: I love you sweetie

Emma: I love you too.


We hugged goodbye and I walked inside.

I looked and looked and looked for the perfect outfit.

Daniella came in.


Daniella: What are you doing?

Emma: Looked for the perfect outfit for my date tonight.

Daniella: Date? You have a date?

Emma: Yeah, and I can’t find the right jeans for this shirt.

Daniella: Jeans? Oh no! My little sister is not going to wear jeans on her first date.


She walked out of my room.

She came back 2 minutes after, with a beautiful dress in her hands.


Daniella: Here you go.


I looked at the dress, it was a knee short red strapless dress and I loved it.

I took it on and looked at Daniella.


Daniella: Red is such a good color on you.


I blushed.


Daniella: Now, let’s do your makeup and hair.

Emma: Oh, okay.


Daniella brushed my hair and curled the ends.

It looked so pretty.

She made Smokey eyes on me and made me do that silly duck face.

I couldn’t stop laughing.


Daniella: Stay still.

Emma: Sorry.


She painted my lips red, so they matched the dress.


She walked to her room, and came in with some black high heels.

I looked at them and panicked.


Emma: No.

Daniella: Please? Yo’re going to look like such a lady.

Emma: I wanna wear my all-stars!

Daniella: No!

Emma: Yes!

Daniella: NO!


After 2 hours of discussion, I was waiting for Justin, in my white All-stars.

I got a text message. It was from Justin.


Justin: I’m on my way. <3


After 10 minutes he arrived.

I walked outside and waved at Justin sitting in his car, with his window rolled down. Smiling at me.


Emma: Hey


Justin smiled.


Justin: Wow! You look so beautiful.

Emma: Thanks.


I blushed and got into the car.


We drove to a beach.


Emma: What are we doing here?

Justin: Going on our date.


I smiled and looked out of the window.

The car stopped and we got out.

Justin gave me a blindfold and led me to the sand.


Emma: Where are you taking me?

Justin: Wait for it.


He stopped me and took off the blindfold.

I looked down, there was a there was a blanket on the sand, with cheeseburgers and Pepsi.


Emma: How did you know I like Cheeseburgers and Pepsi?

Justin: I guess I just admired you on the right day.


I laughed and sat down on the blanket.


After we had eaten, Justin looked seriously at me.


Justin: Will you go to prom with me?

Emma: Uhm… Yes.


Justin smiled.

I got a crazy idea.


Emma: Let’s go for a swim!


I ran towards the water, threw the dress and shoes and started smiling at Justin.

He was still sitting on the blanket.


Emma (Yelling): Come on, the water is amazing!


Justin smiled, threw his shirt and cap and ran towards me.

I laughed and opened my arms.

Justin ran though the water towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

He swung me around in the water and laughed.

I laughed and wrapped my legs around his back.


Justin: I like you Emma.

Emma: I like you too Justin.


We started making out.

After a while, I laughed and pushed Justin’s head under the water.

He got up and did the same to me.

I laughed and kissed him again.


Emma: I have to get home now.

Justin: Yeah, I know.


We walked up from the water and took our clothes back on.

Justin drove me home.


Justin: See you tomorrow babe.

Emma: Goodnight.


I kissed him goodbye and walked inside.

I went to bed and couldn’t stop thinking about Justin.

Did he really like me?
What were the other girls going to think when we told them, that we were dating?

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