Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


4. Scare you.

I woke up when Daniella started playing music in her room; it was right next to me so the music was very high.


Emma (Yelling): Daniella! Turn the music down! I’m trying to sleep!

Daniella (Yelling): get up Em! It’s 08.05!


I got up, slowly.

I pulled on some ripped jeans, a white short loose top and a long cardigan.

I was too tired to do that much out of myself, so i just took on some mascara and put my hair up in a messy bump.

I walked to the kitchen and took some orange juice.

My dad was in a bit of a hurry, so he ran around in the house.


Emma: Good morning dad.

Peter: good morning cookie.


He kissed me on the cheek and drives to work.

He was a very good lawyer. He had once won a lawsuit for Lindsay Lohan. I thought he was like a superman.


Daniella walked to the kitchen. She was wearing her cheerleader outfit. She was the captain.


Emma: Are you going to cheerleading training today?

Daniella: Yeah.


She walked to the mirror on the wall in the hall and took her pink lipstick out of her purse and made the duck face again.

I laughed.


Emma: I can’t take that face seriously.


She smiled, puffed her hair and blew a kiss to herself in the mirror.


Daniella: Ready?

Emma: Yeah.


Daniella locked the door and we walked to her car.


We took on our sunglasses, smiled at each other and drove to school.

We arrived and said goodbye.


I walked to my locker and said hey to my friends.


Ally: Em, wanna come with me to my place after school?

Emma: I can’t

Ally: Why not?

Emma: I promised my English partner to work on the project today.


Justin walked by us.


Justin: See you later Emma.


Ally looked at me with her mouth open.


Ally: It Justin your English partner?

Emma: Yeah.

Ally: Is it like a date?

Emma: EW, no!

Ally: Why not? He is so sexy

Emma: I don’t like him.

Ally: Yeah right.


We walked to chemistry; the only classes were Ally was my partner.

We had a test. CRAP.

What element was the first to be discovered? Gold - Silver – bronze or metal?

 How was I supposed to know that???

I think I did pretty well, but I wasn’t sure.

Lunch time. Finally!

I walked with Ally to the cafeteria as usual.


Emma: Taco Thursday, yes!

Ally: I love taco Thursdays!


We got our tacos and walked to the usual table.


Ally: Emma, please!

Emma: No!

Ally: Please!

Mike: What’s wrong?

Emma: Ally wants me to go with her to prom.

Dani: So go with her?

Emma: But I don’t even have a dress, I hate dresses.

Mike: Em, you will survive wearing a dress for 1 night.

Emma: Fine, but if I die. It’s on you.


Mike laughed.


Mike: Deal.


I was sitting on the stairs out front the school, with my beats on my head and music in my ears.


Emma: Motherfucking animals!


Justin came from behind and scared me.

I flied up and hit him on the nose.

I took my beats off and looked at him.


Emma: What the fuck man?

Justin: I just wanted to scare you.

Emma: It worked.


He holds his arm in front of his nose.


Emma: Let me see.


He took his hand away.


Emma: It doesn’t look that bad.

Justin: But it Hurts fucking much.

Emma: Sorry.


I laughed and walked after him to his car.

We drove to my place and I unlocked the door.


We got in and I ran to the kitchen, to get something cold for Justin’s nose.

I found some beans and wrapped a towel around them.

I walked to my room, where Justin was looking around.


I have him the beans and smiled.


Justin: Thanks.


I took my bag and opened it.


Emma: So we need to make some kinda cool project that will give us at least a B+.

Justin: Yes.


We were laying in my bed, trying to figure out what to make our project about.

Justin looked at me and smiled.


Justin: Knock knock.

Emma: What are you doing?

Justin: It’s a joke, come on. Knock knock.

Emma: Who is there?

Justin: Sand.

Emma: Sand who?

Justin: Sandwich.


Justin laughed.


Emma: You’re such a bummer.


He started to tickle me.


Emma: Just-in!!!

Justin: I’m not a bummer!

Emma: Ju-st-in!!!!

Justin: Say sorry!

Emma: Never!

Justin: Say it!!!

Emma: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Justin: There you go.

Emma: Fuck you.


Justin laughed, and I laughed because he laughed.


Justin: You have a cute laugh.


I blushed. Justin took hold of some of my hair and pushed it behind my ear.

I looked down and blushed again.


Justin: You’re so beautiful.


I pushed him a little on the shoulder.


Emma: Stop.

Justin: I’m serious.


He looked into my eyes, and moved his head closer to mine and looked at my lips.

I noticed it and did the same.

He moved his head even closer and kissed me.

I could feel that he tried to push his tongue into my mouth.

I opened my mouth, a little bit more.

I started fighting with his tongue and so far it was a tie.


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