Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


9. Loser Chick.

I felt amazing the morning after; I went to school with a smile on my face.

I walked down the hall, when I noticed that Justin was all alone in front of his locker.

I walked towards him and smiled.


Emma: Justin?

Justin: Hey…


He looked at the ground and closed his locker.

I walked closer.


Emma: Are you okay?

Justin: Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.

Emma: Where are Todd, and Matt and the other guys?

Justin: Uhm… They are… Uhm… Football practice.

Emma: Why aren’t you there?

Justin: Uhm… I was about to…

Emma: Justin?

Justin: Yeah?


I moved closer to Justin and moved my mouth up to his ear.


Emma (Whispering): Last night, was the greatest night ever.


I moved away from Justin and looked at him. He didn’t even smile.


Emma: Justin, something is wrong.

Justin: No, just leave it.


He walked away.

What was wrong with him? Did I do something wrong?

I asked myself that question for a few hours…

I wanted him to tell me what was wrong, but he ignored me at school.

I texted him and texted him and texted him, but he didn’t replay…

I felt like he didn’t want to talk to me, ever again.

Ally drove me to his place.

I walked towards the front door, and looked around.

Todd and Matt’s cars were there.

I wondered what was going on…

I walked inside and looked for Justin, but I couldn’t find him until…

I heard somebody talk at the backyard.

I sneaked a peek through the curtain.

I saw Justin, Todd and Matt. They were yelling at each other.


Todd: Justin! Do you want to lose this or what?

Justin: No! But I don’t think we can do this to her!

Matt: Omg, Do you care?

Justin: Yes I do!

Todd: What? Do you seriously care about a loser chick; you made a bet about getting to like you? Justin, we were betting about you getting her to like you, take her to the prom and then dumb her!


I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks.


Justin: But it’s different now…


I took 4 steps, so I stood in the middle of the open door, the tears still rolled down my cheeks.

I didn’t say anything. I just stood there.

Todd saw me.


Justin: I really think I’m…

Todd: Uhm… Justin?


Todd looked and pointed at me.

Justin turned around and saw me.


Justin: Emma… I…


I shook my head, sniffed and ran my way.

I heard Justin running after me.


Justin: Emma!


I kept running.


Justin: Emma! Emma! Emma! Wait!


I ran home, but no matter how fast I ran, Justin was right behind me.


I took a deep breath stopped out front my front door.

I didn’t say anything; I just looked at him with the tears still rolling down my cheeks.


Justin: Emma. I’m sorry…

Emma: Is that the only thing you have to say?

Justin: Emma, I didn’t mean to, I just…

Emma: A loser chick? You think I’m just a loser?

Justin: No, I don’t, I just…

Emma: You’re just like everybody else.


I replaced my hand on the doorknob.


Justin: No, wait!


I turned around and looked at him.


Emma: Justin, I trusted you. I gave you my virginity. I let you inside my world. I thought you were different.

Justin: I am different… I am.

Emma: No you’re not you are actually like all the other popular guys. You don’t give a fuck about anybody else but yourself.

Justin: When I made that bet, I didn’t know you. When we kissed at that party, it was magic. I’ve never felt what way before.

Emma: It doesn’t matter anymore Justin…

Justin: I really want this to work out. I tried to make Todd and Matt understand but they just wanted me to break your heart.

Emma: Well congrats… it worked. Bye Justin.

I replaced my hand on the doorknob again. Justin crawled on the ground and wrapped his arms around my left leg.

I heard him sniff. It meant he was crying.

I looked at him.

He had tears in his eyes.


Justin: Emma. Please. Please. Please. Don’t leave me.


I took a deep breath.


Emma: Bye Justin.


I pulled my leg with me inside the door and slammed it.

I looked through the door binoculars, and saw Justin walking away.

I slowly slide to the ground.

I started crying. Like really much.

I grapped my chest. My heart hurt. It felt like it broke into one million of pieces.

I just wanted all this to end.

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