Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


15. Follow your heart.

Justin drove to beach were we had our first date.

He remembered every single second of it. 


Justin: I love her. 


He walked out the water, even though he still was wearing his clothes. 

It didn't matter. 

The only thing that mattered to him, was... me. 


He dived. 

and good up again. 

He ran his fingers through his hair and looked down. 

He was soaked.


Voice: Isn't it to cold for that? 


Justin turned around. 

I was standing in the sand. 


He smiled.


I smiled back at him, threw my shoes off and ran towards him. 

When i came close enough, he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up. 


He dived with me and got up again. 


We were both soaked. 


I looked at him. 


Emma: I love you too. 


Justin smiled. 

He was still lifting me. 


I moved my head closer and kissed him. 


I knew that i had blown my only chance to go to Washington.

But i was young. 

There was enough time to think about where i could go then. 

I just wanted to finish my high school first. 


It didn't matter where i was going, as long as i had Justin with me. 

He was my one and only and i never would have thought that two this different persons like me and Justin, could end up together. 

I guess you just have to  follow your heart, Never say never and Believe ;) 



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