Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


7. Finally.

Everybody started to like me.

I wasn’t a loser anymore.

I was Justin’s girlfriend.

I even started to hang out with the cheerleaders; which didn’t make Daniella so happy.

I kinda forgot my old friends…


We were watching the hockey game, Justin was playing.


Amber: So Em girl, Imma call you that from now.

Emma: Oh, Okay.

Amber: So Em girl, how are you and Justin doing?

Emma: We’re fine.


Of course Justin’s team won.

I ran towards him and kissed him.


Later that day, Justin was visiting me.

We were lying in my bed, cuddling.

Justin kept cuddling closer, even though I was about to fall down on the floor.


Emma: Justin?

Justin: Hmm?

Emma: If we don’t move a little closer to the wall, then I will fall down on the floor.


Justin laughed and moved back.


Justin: Emma?

Emma: Yeah?


I turned around and looked into his beautiful brown eyes.


Justin: You’re the most beautiful girl ever.

Emma: Aw


I kissed him and smiled.

We went out and bike cycling.

Hand in hand, we cycled alongside each other.

I've never laughed as much as I did that day.

I felt the happiness running through my body every time he smiled at me.


When we got back to my house, I began to make some food.

I heard Justin talking on the phone in the hallway.


Justin: This is not going to work.


He walked around in circles.


Justin: No, I’m serious.


He hung up and walked to the kitchen.


Emma: Are you okay?

Justin: Yeah, I’m fine.


We started to eat, but Justin didn’t eat that much.


Emma: Are you okay?

Justin: I’m fine, Emma.

Emma: You seem a bit down.


He looked down.


Emma: Don’t be so negative, prom is in 10 days.

Justin: yay.


He didn’t seem so happy about it.

I was really worried about him. 

What was wrong with him?

He didn’t seem that happy when he was around me anymore…


Later when we were cuddling in my bed, he seemed like he was some other place.

I thought I had a plan that could make him feel good again.


I rolled on top of him and started kissing him on the neck.

I took off my shirt and kissed him on the neck again.

I stopped and looked at him, his eyes were closed and I felt him moving his hands on my waist.


I started to take off his cap and rolled my fingers though his hair.

He moaned.

I unzipped his jacket.

He took off his shirt and kissed me.

I rolled down next to him and moved my hand down his pants.

He opened his eyes.


Justin: I CANT.


I took my hand out of his pants and looked at him.


Emma: What do you mean?

Justin: It’s not you. It’s me.


He took on his shirt again and grapped his jacket.

He walked to the door and looked at me.


Justin: See you, tomorrow. I’m sorry.


He walked away and I just lay there. In my bra, alone. 

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