Give Me Love Z.M

"I'll do anything to protect you, no matter what." he whispers. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug and he places his chin on my shoulder. "It's not your job to."
I whisper back into his neck. "Well it is now."
Zayn Malik is the new student at my high school. Things start happening between us. Is it true love? I don't know. I've never been in love with someone.


7. Unexpected


In the morning I get up early, wanting to look good today. 
I search through my clothes and decide on a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, black ankle boots and a white crop top. 
I go into the bathroom applying eyeliner and eyeshadow along with mascara, giving it a darker look. I finally curl my hair and put on a few bracelets.
 I go downstairs and do a double take seeing Zayn sitting on my couch.  "Oh my god you scared me." I say holding my chest. "Sorry love, but your door was unlocked so I let myself in."
 He says standing up, getting a good look at me.  He licks his bottom lip "I am liking this." 
He smirks placing his hands on my bare skin. "I thought you would." I smile playing with the collar of the shirt he was wearing. He pulls me closer to him putting his thumbs in the belt holes of my jeans. I leaned in kissing his lips softly. 
A few seconds later he ends the kiss and lifts me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I let out a giggle and playfully hit his back. 
He drops me on the couch and hovers over my body, tickling me.  "Zayn! Please!" I laugh trying to get his hands off of me. I find a pillow behind my head and start hitting him with it. He falls off the couch and I get on top of him.
 "I win." I say moving the hair out of my face. "God your hot." he says staring at me, his hand sneaking up the back of my short shirt. He flips me around so I was now pinned under him. "I think I'm the winner now." He pecks my lips then kisses my neck, and finally collarbone. I wish it could of lasted forever then I remembered something. 
" Zayn we have school." 
"Almost forgot." He says standing and helping me up. 
I grab my phone and Zayn pulls me by my hips out the door. 
He opens up the car door for me, as usual. He gets in on his side and kisses my cheek. As I look over at him I see the tattoo on his collarbone he was talking about yesterday. I reach over and unbutton his shirt a little so I could get a better look. Zayn stays totally still, his eyes fixed on me.  "Wings?" I smile.  He nods.  "You need to tell me what all of these mean sometime."
 I rest my hand on his chest and button the shirt up again. He pulls out of the driveway and grins at me. We get to the school parking lot and Zayn opens up my door, again. He entwines his hand with mine and we walk inside. I take my stuff out of my locker only to have Zayn reach for it.
 "Thanks babe." I smile, he points at his cheek. I stand on my toes reaching up and kissing it. We arrive to English and Zayn sets my stuff on my desk taking a seat behind me. I felt my desk scoot forward a little and I ignore it. Zayn pulls my desk back and lifts it up slightly with just his feet. I hold on to it tightly, still trying to ignore him. Then for a few seconds he stops and I jump when he shoves his knee in the small hole in the back of the seat that was right near my butt.
 I cross my arms and lean back in my seat.  I had a big smile on my face, but Zayn couldn't see my reaction. I notice the teacher walk over to the door, turning off the lights. I didn't know why she was because I was too worried about what Zayn was going to do next. I realized we were about to watch a movie, I tense up thinking about what he will do to me now that it's dark. I could feel Zayn moving very close to me resting his head on his arms near the edge of the desk. Then I see his arm reach out in front of me, he tries to grab my binder on my desk but I push it further away. He moves his arm back a little and softly flicks my arm. I bite my lip trying to not burst out laughing and I flick him back. 
He touches my arm gently and it sends a surge of electricity through my whole body. 
He moves it away and back again many times teasing me.
 I could feel him sit up completely and I heard his binder unzip and the shuffling of papers. He drops his binder back on the floor causing it to make a loud bang. 
I hear his pen click and then unclick. His arm moves back over to me and I see a small notecard in his hand. 
I reach over grabbing it, and pulling it out of his hand. 

Hey x

I smile and take a pencil out,writing:

Hi :)

I fold it back up and place it in his hand. He moves his arm away and I hear the sound of him writing. I jolt when he taps my arm holding out the note again.
 I take it out of his hand but he holds onto it tighter. I finally get it out grinning as I do. 

What's Up? 

I move my hair to one side of my shoulder and write:

Not much, there's just this really annoying guy sitting behind me and he won't leave me alone :p

I hand it back to him satisfied with my reply. He gives my desk a small kick and I cover my hand over my mouth to contain my laughter. The bell rings and I sprint out of the classroom with Zayn following closely behind me. "Lexa." he calls. "Can I help you?" I ask turning towards him. I couldn't hold it in any longer, 
I start laughing. "What's so funny?" he asks but he obviously knew. "You." I say placing my hand on the side of his face. 
He chuckles. "Come on we have art next and it's on the other side
of the building." I say as I start
walking faster. "Arts the one thing I'm good at." Zayn starts to say.  "I just love to draw and spray paint, I'll show you some of my artwork." I noticed a certain twinkle in his eye as he starting talking about it. "I might draw you sometime." he nudges my arm and smiles with his tongue. (You all know what smile I'm talking about!) "I'd like that." I say. 
An arm was suddenly roughly draped over my shoulder and I turn, realizing that it wasn't Zayn's, it was Harry Styles. "What do you want Styles?" 
I ask rolling my eyes and trying to move his arm away. He just ruined Zayn and I's special moment.  "I heard you finally dumped Michael and now your single, so I just assumed that the reason you did was because you like me."  He had a smirk on his face and it was slowly widening. "For your information I broke up with him because he's a fucking dick and I will never like you!" Anger rushed through my veins,  Harry always knew how to piss me off. Zayn stays silent letting me handle the situation but he was ready to jump in if Harry took it too far. "Just saying I'm single and I can give you many things that Michael never could." I was about to say something until Zayn pulls me back into his chest. "Sorry mate, she's with me." Harry looked from Zayn to me.  "And who the fuck are you?" Harry asks. "Zayn Malik."
 Zayn says crossing his arms.
 "Ah so your the one who punched Michael." Harry says finally understanding. "Yeah and I'd back off if I were you." Zayn says his muscles tighting in his chest. "Zayn stop." I say trying to calm him down. Its weird how he can go from being sweet to being protective. "The offer still stands." Harry says winking at me then walking away. Zayn places a hand on my waist as Harry leaves and kisses me. "Your mine." he says rubbing our noses together. "You do realize the bell rang 5 minutes ago."
 I ask him. "No I didn't actually." We both start running down the hall, it turned into a race to see who can reach the door first I win but Zayn was carrying my stuff. "Sorry we're late." Zayn says as we walk to an empty table where we both could sit. "Detention." The art teacher says. "Not like I haven't had it before." I mumble. Zayn looks over and grins at me. 

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