Give Me Love Z.M

"I'll do anything to protect you, no matter what." he whispers. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug and he places his chin on my shoulder. "It's not your job to."
I whisper back into his neck. "Well it is now."
Zayn Malik is the new student at my high school. Things start happening between us. Is it true love? I don't know. I've never been in love with someone.


10. Perfect

Later that Night...

I change into shorts and a tank top, and also put my hair into a messy bun. When I walk back into my bedroom Zayn's already laying on top of my bed only in boxers. I could seriously stare at him all day. "Take a picture it will last longer." He smirks placing his hand over his head. 
"I just might." I say laying on the bed next to him. He rubs small circles on my back and I play with his necklace. "I'm tired." I say putting my head on his warm chest. My eyes slowly start closing and I felt Zayn pull the covers over us. I snuggle close to him and he wraps his arms around my waist. "Night Babe."
 I heard him say. Before I could utter a response I was asleep.

Next Morning.

I woke up with Zayn's arms wrapped very tightly around me.
 I look at him and smile because he's even cuter when he's asleep. His hair is sticking up slightly in different places and he has the blanket pulled up only to the lower half of his body. I'm able to get a good look at him now without him making fun of me. As I study his face I start seeing how long his eyelashes are. He's perfect in every way. I reach up and place a kiss on his cheek. He moves, grabbing onto me and pulling me closer to his body. He flutters his eyes open and groans putting his head in my neck. He places a small kiss on it and he moves back grinning at me. 
"Morning beautiful." He says staring at me intensely. 
Good Morning." I say grabbing his face and kissing him on the lips. "I wish I could wake up like this everyday." He says licking his lips. I felt my cheeks heating up and I quickly tried to hide it by burying my head in the pillow. 
"You're so cute." Zayn says making me blush even more. "What am I when I'm not cute?" 
I ask looking at him again.
 "Hot as fuck." He rolls on top of me, crashing his lips into mine.
 I grab the back of his neck pulling him closer. I tangle my hands into his already messy hair and he puts his hands on my hips.
 His lips left mine and trailed down to the corner of my mouth, then the bottom of my jawline, and finally my neck.  I moaned and felt him smile against my neck. After one last kiss to my neck he pulled away and looked deeply into my eyes. 
His stomach let out a loud growl, 
I burst out laughing putting my hands over my face. 
"That just ruined the moment."
 I say still laughing. Now Zayn was the one to blush. 
"I'm sorry, I'm hungry!" He says getting off of me and pulling me off the bed with him. We walk down the stairs and Zayn goes over to the fridge pulling out a carton of eggs and some bacon. "I'll make us omelets."  He says while trying to find a pan in the many cabinets. "It's over there."
 I say pointing to the one right above his head. "Oh." He says opening it and grabbing it.
I hop on the counter next to him and watch how his back and arms flex as he makes the food. "You know that I can see you staring at me right?" He says turning around. "Yup I know."
 I say kicking my legs back and forth. He walks over and moves inbetween my legs, placing his hands on my thighs. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him hard. He squeezes my legs tighter and pulls me, making me closer to him. I hear a loud sizzling noise and I pull away looking up. "Zayn the food." I say laughing. He runs over and turns the stove off. "I hope you like burnt omelets." He says showing me the pan. "I am not eatting that." I say scrunching my nose. "Why don't we just go out for breakfast." He says chuckling, as he puts the pan in the sink. "Good idea." I say getting off of the counter.

 I look through my closet and I decide to wear black shorts, converse, and a crop top that says fuck you. I put on eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. I walk down the stairs and Zayn is waiting by the door putting a beanie on his head.
 He looks up when he sees me and smiles at my shirt. 
"Go right ahead then." He smirks at me. "How about.." I say then taking a long pause. "No." I say finally pulling the beanie over his eyes. "Your such a fucking tease." He says opening the front door for me. "You know it." I say walking down the driveway. He runs ahead of me and opens the car door for me as well. "Thanks babe." 
I say kissing his cheek and getting in the car. 
"No problem, love." he says getting in as well.

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