love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


8. What are you doing here?

Rinad's pov.

**AT CAIRO(city in egypt)AIRPORT**

finally in egypt, i missed everyone in here. My mom,my sister and my cousin were waiting for me.I hugged them all and we all went home.When i entered the house , i said to the others ''home,sweet home'' and they all loughed on me.

Harry's pov.

It was hard for me to say goodbye to Rinad..........i got an idea . I went to the boys and paul and told them the idea, they all loved it.**we will go in toor to all the city's that we never been to . we are going to tell the people that we are going  to dubai, but we are going to egypt not dubai to surprise Rinad**


Today,we are going to egypt, we entered the airport,passed the guards and waited for the plane to fly.


we arrived finally , there's no fans or paps and that's good ...................wait, we forgot about the hotel. i told the boys , and they forgot too. we have to get out of the airport. so we waited in front of the airport and hopng any one recognize us.

Rinad's pov.

I went with my cousin to the mall , it was far away beside the airport...............i think i saw some boys look so familiar............''stop the car''i told my cousin. before she ask me why, i got out of the car and ran to the boys and hugged every single one of them and asked ''what are you doing here?''

''we came to see you''harry responded

''so why are you in the street?''

''we never planned for what we gonna do after we come here''Liam told me.

''ok, c'mon,enter the car , we are going to the mall'' i said while they entered the car, i introduced them to my cousin. they were talking and laughing alot . it was great. we entered the mall and they loved it . 

''i want to bye a little pyramid doll, i love triangles'' louis said.

''yeah , ofcourse, and we can go to see the real pyramids tomorrow too'' i responded.

''let's do it , girl'' louis said laughing .

''harry , let's go , have a tour in the mall'' i said

'' ok , let's go , i wanna tell you some thing'' harry responded

'' what?'' i asked.

'' i wanna tell you that we are having a concert here in egypt but we don't know any place here''

''no problem , i have two places,1-my school,2- beside the pyramids''

'' the two if you want'' he said and then he leaned down to kiss me until Niall ran to us and broke the kiss asking for food so i told them that we can go to the food cour in the mall to eat then returne home.

Harry's pov.

After we finished eating we returned home hoping thet Rinad's mother agree that we stay in her house.she agreed but there's 2 beds and 2 couches and the floor ofcourse ,we didn't mind..i only wanted to be with rinad forever.



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