love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


10. the big surprise

Rinad's pov.

I woke up the next day in harry's arm ,so i managed to not wake him and go make the breakfast because my mother at work and i was alone with the boys. so i braught some eggs and some toste to have the breakfast ready.'' i smell good food''Niall came from behind and freaked me out.

''what the hell Niall, i was gonna die because of you'' i said

''i am sorry ,i wake up when i smell food,any way where 's your mother and sara?''he asked me

'' my mom is at the school , she's a teacher and sara is home, and why you ask ,do you have a crush on her?''

''NO,WHAT , NO OFCOURSE'' he said blushing.

''OHHHHHH, if i told her that you like her she will freak out''i said

''no don't tell her cause if you did i will kill,i swear''he responded and began to run after me.

''kill me but there 's someone gonna protect me sleeping in my room upstaires ''

''oh you mean harry , harry is just a little cute boy''niall said

''i heard you , niall and i am gonna get you now'' harry screamed from upstairs and we all saw him running towards me and niall and now me and niall running and harry after us. ''i think you can't talk now ,niall ''i declared

''you're a bad girl , how do you date him'' he said while running

''cuz i love him''i said

'' you really love me''harry said while he stopped and took me in a hug.''i can lie about any thing harry but the one thing i can't lie about is if i told someone that i love and this will be always true'' niall joined the hug and he was saying''i love love guys '' and he do alot of funny faces. the others boy came down stairs when we finished the hug and ofcourse louis have to argue saying '' oh no , i love group hug and now i missed it, i will never gonna sleep again'' 

'' i have to continue making the breakfast cuz there's someone freaked me out and i was afraid to die '' i said while looking at niall.

AFTER TWO HOURS, i am really bored right now so liam had an idea to go have lunch in a park and we can bring the girls too. Me and the girls choosed ''al azhar park'' to go to , cuz it's the most famous mark in egypt and i wanted the boys to see it.Niall and Liam were very exited to meet Sara and Cherihane again . I found out  Zayn and Louis are lonely ,  i think they miss Perrie and Eleanor.I called them from london and asked if they can come to egypt to meet the boys , they agreed and i was very happy , the only person who knew about that was harry.

Harry's pov.

yesterday was great when Rinad told me that she called Perrie and Eleanor to come to egypt . i was happy that she cared about the other boys .


the doorbell rang,rinad ran to open it and she knew that they were perrie and eleanor. they entered and gave me a hug and went to see the boys and we (me and rinad) followed them.

Zayn's pov.

i was sitting in my room reading harry potter  until someone knocked the door, i opened and found out that it was perrie , i hugged her very tight and kissed her,

''i miss you''she said

'' how did you came here?'' i asked with curiosity.

''Rinad planned all that so me and eleanor could come''she said

I ran down stairs to hug and tell rinad thanks for this surprise.

Louis's pov.

I was playing video games until someone knocked the door , i couldn't get of the game so i said enter , it was eleanor i lost control and ran to her into a huuuuuuuge hug.

''how did you come?with who ? and when?''i asked.

''i came here with perrie , rinad planned for all this cuz she noticed that you and zayn are lonely,and i came here 5 minutes ago''she said

SO i went to give rinad a hug.

Rinad's pov.

I was sitting with harry when i found zayn and louis screaming my name and running into hug.

'' wait what happend?''i asked

''thank you, thank you, thank you,...........'' louis and zayn were screaming in my ear in the same time

''u r welcome guys, i love you all'' i said happily

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