love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


3. P.S.can i have your number?

Rinad's pov.

OKAY,i am here in london, i think it's a dream, so i said to Sara to hit me so i can wake up and......uhm........she really did it, she punched me straight in the face.

Anyway,after we went to the bus , i was talking to Yara when the teacher came and told us that we arrived to the hotel.It was huge and beautiful.

Me , Sara and Yara went to a room,while Cherihane and Nada went to another room. I loved the bed and the t.v and the bathroom was huge.

It was already 2PM, so we changed our clothes and we went to the first floor where our teacher was staying to ask him where we are going in our first day in london. He told us that we gonna take a toor in london streets.

In the street, i was watching the stores and taking pictures with sara the only one who came with me,

while i am walking , i didn't notice the boy in front of me so i fell on him.When i was on the ground , i saw Sara standing like a statue and her mouth was like O .I got up and turned to see what she was staring at and i found that it was HARRY STYLES , omg , it was an awkward moment when i saw him staring at me so i told him i am sorry like i didn't know him or i wasn't a fan and pushed sara to move and we start walking toward the hotel again.

Harry's pov.

So i was walking alone in the street when i fell down with a girl , i got up before i realised that this girl was pretty . she had a charming black eyes and a long black hair . she was just perfect.

I saw her freind staring at me like a statue but the girl got up and told me that she was sorry and started pushing her freind and walking away ,i have to do something,i can't let her go so before she walk away , i stopped her and said "Hi, i am Harry Styles''

" i know ,i am Rinad Gamal''

''Can i have your number to talk to you later cause you seem very busy??''

''hahaha,sure my number is ..........''

And finally i have her phone number.

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