love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


9. falling one after one

Rinad's pov.

 Today , all my freinds coming to see the boys again.DING DONG(door bell ring), i opened the door and Sara,Yara,Nada and Cherihane are here. they entered and hugged me and the boys,me , yara and nada were sitting with harry , louis and zayn talking and laughing until we noticed sara and niall talking and laughing and same with liam and cherihane . i think we're falling in love one after one.first me with harry then sara with niall then cherihane with liam . AFTER AN HOUR , i went to my room ,someone knocked the door and i found out it was harry so i let him enter.''what are you doing?''harry asked me

''just reading''i answered

''reading what?''he asked again

''you're asking alot of questions today,i am reading diary of a wimpy kid''

''oh,it's my favorite book , can i read it with you???''

''yes , ofcourse'' i said

so he sat down beside me and began to read the book with me. he was holding the book when i felt him coming closer to me but when i looked up i saw him staring at me . i

him staring at me . i couldn't control myself and kissed him hard and he kissed me too.he broke the kiss and said''i love you'' so i kissed him fast and asked him''let's watch a movie and you choose''

''ok i choose love actually , my fav''


IT WAS 12 PM,after we watched three movies together , i fell asleep on his shoulder,it was the best day in my life.

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