love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


5. Day with 1D

Harry's pov.

Si i went to the boys to tell them that we are going to meet Rinad and her freinds,Loius was the most exited one because he wanted to make Eleanor to come with us and Zayn will bring perrie.

I went to the room and changed my clothes in the same time Louis and Zayn were ready to go get Eleanor and Perrie. The hotel were Rinad staying was very close from my house.

I entered the hotel and found them waiting for me . They have entered the car . Rinad said to me :''harry,this is Yara , Sara , Nada and Cherihane and ofcourse my freinds know you.''

So i said hello and then i started to drive away , we arrived to the mall and the boys and Eleanor and Perrie were waiting us in front of louis's car.

i introduced the girls to the boys.i was talking to Rinad all the time and Niall was talking to yara and the rest was talking to each other.

Rinad's pov.

we entered H&M.I was choosing some dresses to wear them when i get back to egypt.........and Harry helped me choose them.

After we baught two dresses, we went to eat . Niall was the first to arrive to the car because we are going to Nandos.I was sitting in the passenger sit beside Harry and i told him that i never came to london before so ofcourse i never went to Nandos or ate from it.

''What you have never went nandos before?''he said so i nodded.

we finished eating fast and Harry was going to drive us to the hotel. when we arrived,harry asked if i can walk with him for a little and i said yes.we were walking when he broke this awkward moment and say:''so when you gonna returne to Egypt?''

'' after 5 days why??''

''i want us to be freinds''he said

''ofcourse we are''

''you said that you're going back to egypt and i will never gonna see you again''

''come to egypt so you can see me and the pyramids too''

''you are more important than the pyramids,hahaha''

'' thank you''

''you're welcome''

''so we are in front of the hotel now''

''oh,yeah,bye''he said


''wait ............i wanna do something first''he said

''what?''i asked with a smile and then he leaned down to me.Icouldn't move and he kissed me,it was like magic.Ibroke the kiss and told him that this is the first time i kiss a boy so he smiled and kissed me again.

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