love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


11. car crush

A/N:this 2 chapters are inspired from another fanfiction,i said that so you don't think ,i am stealing the idea.


Rinad's pov.

i was sitting with the boys when harry asked zayn to go to a night club with him and asked me about the nearest club . i told him the directions and then he went to get ready.


''bye,i will miss you'' i nodded and he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and went with zayn . It was nearly 12pm so i told the boys to get ready because we are going to the same club of harry and zayn,they all agreed and went to get ready. i changed my clothes to a bronze shirt with black skiny jeans that was perfect for a night club. i put my hair in a pony tail and it was wavy from the begging to the end.


we have just arrived , i went to look for harry.i spotted harry in the crowd making out with another girl was MAI (a girl from america came to egypt with her parents and i thought we were freinds , she was sitting beside me in the class and she knew that i was dating harry because i sent her a message and she responded saying congratulations, how she could do that to me ). I couldn't breath and tears began to fall from my eyes while i was going to tell the boys that i am going to take a taxi and return home.


At home, mom was with my sister at the mall , i ran up stairs and entered the room crying and tears don't want to stop, i began talking to myself ''why harry? i loved you more than anything , with one of my friends you cheat on me , i guess she isn't anymore, i have to break up with you , no , i will wait because if you loved me , you will have to tell me the truth , if you did until the day that you will return to london , i will forgive you but if you didn't , i will break up with you in the airport.''

from crying alot i fall asleep.''good morning beautiful'' harry said the next morning like there are not anything to tell me about.''good morning handsome'' i replied

''c'mon , let's walk down stairs and the boys told me you were in the club yesterday''

'' yeah but when i entered i felt dizzy and returned imediatly''

'' are you okay now??''

''yeah yeah i am fine''

Harry's pov.

''I don't know how i did that yesterday, i don't deserve her, i was drinking at rhe club when i found that girl named mai coming towards me and told me that she is Rinad's freind so i won't mind to talk to her but suddenly she kissed me, i pushed her away but she kissed me again , i couldn't stop    her, i am really stupid, i won't do that again'' i said to myself.

'' hey what are you thinking about??'' rinad asked me and kissed me in the cheek.

''nothing'' i am very bad , she treating me very well and i just go and cheat on her like that , without any warning.i am a horrible person.

Rinad's pov.

i was having with harry a lot of fun but the days passed quickly and they are going back to london today and he didn't tell me the truth.i promised myself that i will broke up with him tonight , that's hard but i have to do it.

AT THE AIRPORT, ''we will miss you very much rinad'' all the boys screamed in the airport while hugging me ''me too guys,harry i have to talk to you alone'' i declared

''harry....uhm.........when i went to the club , i i saw you kissing mai ....and my heart really b broke so i promised myself that if you didn't tell me the truth , i will break up with you today so.......''i begin to talk but harry began to cry and i was crying too ''no,no, please rinad, don't leave me , i..i love you very much and i can't live without you , i am sorry'' he said

'' i am sorry too harry , i have to go'' i began to run and cry very hard to a taxi.

Harry's pov.

when rinad leaved me , i couldn't stand up , i fell on the ground crying very much , '' i am sorry man but we have to go '' zayn was tapping on my shoulders.


At london, i went crying to my car and began to drive fast , i didn't see anything in front of me and then and i didn't feel or see anything after that , all went black.

Rinad's pov.

I heard my phone ringing:-


''oh , hi , liam''

'' rinad, you have to come to london now , harry is at the hospital , he rushed crying into his car alone and begin to drive away and within a half an hour , the hospital called us so please hurry up , he can't say any thing exept your name'' he began to shout on the phone crying.

'' what? i am coming as fast as i could bye'' i hang up and leave a note for my mother and took the first plane to london. 

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