My Cursed Life

Evelyn thinks that she is just some ordinary teenager but when she wakes up overcome by some unfamiliar memories of another life and time periods. She is in her 6th and final life, she was cursed by Hades the God of the Underworld to live for 6 lifetimes and to be killed at the age of 16. The only way that she can be saved in this life is to get over her deepest and darkest hatred; Love. Can she find her true love before the timer is up.


2. The Sighting

"Hello?" I said into the air, if anyone saw me now they would think I'm looney.

I swear i just saw a ghost but i can't be certain so i have wasted the last few moments seeing if i could find the ghost.

"Hello?" I said into the air again.

"Hello." A voice said from behind me.

I jumped when i heard the voice speak from behind me, but when i turned around there was no one there.

"Who are you?" I asked into the air.

"Daniel" the voice whispered, definitely male.

"Why are you here?" I realised I was asking a lot of questions but right now I didn't care.

"To protect you." He stated plainly.

"If you are here to protect me, you missed your chance it was 6 years ago." I said nearly in tears.

"I did save you then, I am the reason you didn't die that night b years ago." He said in a calming voice.

"Really? Then why are you here now?" I asked in surprise.

"Because your life is about to get a lot more dangerous and scary." He whispered right next to my ear.

"I don't know how, unless my father gets released from prison. And would you mind letting me see you because its really hard talking to thin air." I asked and he showed himself.

He looked to be my age but he had light brown hair and hazel eyes. I looked closer and it seemed to me that he had dimples but i couldn't tell very well. But he suited the name Daniel.

"Would you mind if I called you Danni?" I asked.

" You can if you want to." He said still not smiling.

"Danni, why don't you smile?" I asked.

" I don't smile, because I can't smile. I can't smile because i gave up my smile to protect you." He said with a sad look.

"Why would you do that for me?" I asked in shock, no one had ever given anything up for me.

"Because in your first life I was your true love." He said looking away from me.



Hey guys I don't know if anybody is actually going to read this apart, or if they are going to read my stories at all.
But either way i just wished to ask you a few questions, okay?

What do you think about Evelyn and Daniel?

What do you think Evelyn thinks about Daniel?

What do you think Evelyn's reaction will be?

Thank you and tune in next time for another chapter. :)


Oh and these characters in this chapter and my last chapter i own, though in future ones i wont own them all :)

Sorry for them being short i swear they will get longer in the future.

ex oh ex oh :)

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