My Cursed Life

Evelyn thinks that she is just some ordinary teenager but when she wakes up overcome by some unfamiliar memories of another life and time periods. She is in her 6th and final life, she was cursed by Hades the God of the Underworld to live for 6 lifetimes and to be killed at the age of 16. The only way that she can be saved in this life is to get over her deepest and darkest hatred; Love. Can she find her true love before the timer is up.


1. The Beginning

I felt blind, I couldn't see anything and I was only able to keep myself from walking into things by holding my hands out in front of me. I stepped on what sounded like a tree branch and the snap of the branch was lost in the sounds of screaming and the crackling of fire. That was when I was able to see again but I would rather being blind because the sight I saw was a battle field, full of dead bodies and bodies being burnt. I was totally in to the blood and gore in movies but something about this dream made it feel real. I walked slowly into the middle and felt like nobody could see me, but I was wrong. I didn't have enough time to move out of the way of the axe that made its way across my stomach. 

I woke up screaming and sweating in a bed of blood. What I had thought was a dream was not as I had woken up with the same injuring I had attained in the so called dream. I slowly got out of my bed and pulled the blankets off and put them in the washing machine, after I had done that I made my way to the bathroom and cleaned the wound with water and then after I prepared myself I made my way into the shower. I had to clench my teeth to keep myself from screaming in pain from the water running over the cut. After I dried myself I put clean clothes on and began to do my hair but then something caught my eye. I found that I had tones of other scars all over my body similar to the one on my stomach. I closed my eyes and wished that they would just go away. When I opened my eyes they had disappeared, my hair was done and was a richer red then I had dyed it and my green eyes were sparkling. I shrugged it off and carried on to get my breakfast, I normally had Nutri Grain but today i felt like something else something like Coco Pops. 


"Eve, what are you doing up so early?" My mom asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"I couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to get up." I said answering her question and i shoved another spoonful into my mouth.

"I'm going in to see your father today, do you want to come with me?" She asked as she made her way over to the coffee machine.

"Do you think I want to go?" I asked her irritatedly.

"Well it has been 6 years, don't you think he wants to see you and apologise about what he did?"  She said in a similar tone.

"Yeah, my own father wants to apologise for nearly raping his daughter then trying to kill her. I would love to hear the ultimate apology.

I stood up, placed my bowl in the sink and then stormed out of the house. I sat under a large oak tree in the park and put my head phones in my ears and turned the music up loud. I hadn't been sitting there for more then a couple of minutes when I saw a flash of white and a coldness set around me. I must be mistaken or, did i just see a ghost?

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