God knows

only God knew where I am at that moment. the only thing I could see is snow.


2. What's happening?

The young man turned to look at the girl who was with him:

"Sorry Belinda, but, I'm gonna take her to the hospital OK."

and without even looking back at her he started to a car parked not far away. he sat me in the passenger seat and took his place in the driver's seat. he started the car and got out of the parking spot, we arrived to a stop and looking at me for a second he said:

"I'm sorry, I didn't introduced myself, I'm Harry... and you are?

my name's Inael.

beautiful name.

thank you."

we drove for another 10 minutes before arriving to the hospital. he helped me out of the car, I couldn't feel the pain in my ankle was nothing compared to the pein the people in the hospital could feel. a second after we got in the building I felt myself crying as I sensed the death of a little kid.

I looked at Harry, studying his features as he talked to the nurse behind the counter. his eyes were bright green, and his brown curls were perfect, he also had beautiful lips and *what are you doing Inael, you shouldn't be thinking it, your an angel remember* I got out of the trance when I heard him say:

"she's my girlfriend."

*what was that?* the nurse then led us to a room and told us the doctor will be here quickly. we stayed like that for a minute or two in the awkward silence then:

"I'm sorry!"

I looked up at Harry to see him...how do you say that on earth... sad, yeah he was kind of sad:

"why are you sorry?

because I said I am your boyfriend when I'm not, it feels wrong, but I couldn't let you alone in this situation.

oh that! I'm glad you're here, so I don't mind.

your very welcome."

the silence fell again, we were just staring at each other when the doctor came in.

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