The Journey Of 8

Meagan invites her friends and their boyfriends on a fun walk in the sun in a field, they find a dead body and soon discover that their city has been over taken by an Army. They have to fend for themselves and figure out who is a friend and who is a foe. This story follows them through the whole time their city is over run, it looks at the fall outs, the breakups, the deaths and the relationships that are all shaped by the disaster around them. Will they live and find their families or will they let their personalities get in the way?


3. The Invasion

-5 minutes later, a car pulls up-

Detective Dallas: Hello, my name is Detective Dallas and this is Detective Hudson.

Hudson: Hello, now may you take us to the body.

Meagan: Yes I will.

Hudson: Yes, can we please have one other which is stable enough to come.

  -James stepped forward-

James: I will.

Dallas: Good job young man, now let’s carry on.

-The four walk into the shed-

Dallas: Now explain what happened.

James: Well, I walked in and fell down there.

  -James points to the hole-

James: And then Meagan tried helping me out and I pulled her in and she rolled over and found the body.

  -He looked at Meagan-

Dallas: I’m sure it was quite a shock to you when you found what you have landed on.

Meagan: Yeah, it was. I was very curious on how the body got here and then I was also scared for the group.

Dallas: Why were you scared for the group?

Meagan: Because none of us had an idea how long the body was there and if person was murdered or not.

Dallas: You are very observant aren’t you?

Meagan: I try to be.

Dallas: It’s very smart and safe to be observant, and by observing the body now I say that the person was murdered.

James: What makes you say that?

Dallas: You can see bruising around the throat.

Meagan: Allowing you to presume that the person was strangled to death.

Dallas: Precisely.

  -Bang, Crash-

Star: AHHH.

  -The group of four run outside-

Hudson: What happened?

Ryan: This person came running across the field with a gun and tried to smash the side of the shed.

Radio: Detective Dallas do you copy?

Dallas: Yes Dallas over.

Radio: Dallas, all the control towers have been taken over. We assume…..


Dallas: Base, do you copy?

Dallas: Base?


Dawn: What’s happening?

Dallas: Obviously someone wanted you to find the body so that you would get us out of the office.

Sam: But I was the only person who took them here.

Meagan: Sam would never do this on purpose.

Sam: I’m not smart enough.

Dallas: Well, we have to go. I want you to stay here and don’t leave, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Meagan: What we are in the open. What if that person was to come back?

Hudson: That is true. Go into the bushes, Sam I want you to lead them to a safe area in the bushes. Stay there and set up a camp make sure you have watches.

Sam: Ok, I will.

Dallas: You Meagan, stay observant it may just save your life.

Meagan: Yes, sir.

  -Both the detectives walked to their car and drove off, leaving the group in the clearing alone-

Rachel: OK, Sam take us somewhere.

Sam: OK, follow me.

  -The group follow Sam-

James: Hey Meagan can I talk to you?

Meagan: Yeah, sure.

  -Meagan walks up to James, and she looks up at Star. Star is starring at her with a cheeky smirk-

James: Well, I hear that you are the apparent leader.

Meagan: Are you serious, I can’t handle pressure or stress.

James: Well you are good at leading people and helping people in need.

Meagan: No I’m not.

James: Yes you are, you’re not good at expressing your feeling though.

Meagan: I have no idea, what you are talking about?

  -Meagan looks away blushing-

James: I’m sure you do.

  -He grabs Meagan’s hand-

Meagan: Huh?

  -She looks at James, gun shots-

Rachel: Nooo, Sam!

Meagan: What happened?

 -Meagan comes running up pulling James along, their hands are still held together-

Sam: I’m fine I just got shot, please just go and let them get me.

Meagan: NO, Sam you are coming with us.

James: Meg, we have to go. They are coming now and if we don’t leave immediately we are going to die.

Meagan: No, I can’t just leave her here.

  -Meagan starts to cry, James kneels down next to her and Sam starts to struggle to breath-

James: Meagan, we have to go now.

Sam: Megan….listen to… self... i be ok.

  -Sam’s eyes roll back into her head and she turns lifeless-

Meagan: Sam no, Sam no you can’t leave me.

James: Come on everyone else has gone we have to go now.

  -James lifts Meagan up and she eventually runs alongside him and they meet up with the rest of the group-

Rachel: I can’t believe it she is gone.

Chantelle: Meagan are you ok?

Dawn: Of course she isn’t ok. She just saw one of her friends die and I doubt that if you saw one of your friends die you would like people asking you that question.

Chantelle: Shut up I wasn’t talking to you. You have no idea who I am so you can’t talk to me like that.

Dawn: How dare you say that.

Chantelle: Oh I dare bitch.

Meagan: Oi, Chantelle you can either shut up or you can go on alone and be killed yourself.

Chantelle: You can’t say that you just saw Sam die, I don’t think that you would wish my death at all.

Meagan: If I wasn’t being held back by James I would do the honours myself.

  -Star and Dawn star at James smile and nod their heads, James gives them a stern look-

James: Meagan calm down come and sit over here.

  -James moves and sits Meagan over the other side of the clearing to Chantelle-

Star: Does anyone know exactly, where we are?

Ryan: No I don’t, I don’t usually go walking around the bushes in my spare time.

Dawn: Meagan do you know anything about this place, if you ever see Sam before you come and see me that is all you talk about.

  -The group looks up at Meagan, see slowly looks up and stands up-

Meagan: I use to go walking with Sam and on her birthday a few years ago we went walking and we ended up here just up over there should be the Deli.

  -Meagan points to where the deli is, none of the lights are on-

Ryan: Not to be mean or anything but shouldn’t the lights still be on. I mean it’s only half past six.

Meagan: I guess they should be, but what if it was taken over. I mean if the control towers have been taken over, maybe other places have been taken over.

James: That is true but what control towers have been taken over, and by whom?

Star: That person on the radio said that the control towers had been taken over and that’s all I remember.

Ryan: That is true, now it could be any control towers and how are we supposed to get help if the police station is down.

Star: We can always go back to someone’s house before it gets too late and we can’t see anything.

James: Yeah, that would be a great idea, then we can get changed, have something to eat and possibly get in contact with someone.

Ryan: OK lets go back to my place, we can do all that their.

James: All right, let’s go then.

  -10 minutes later the group had made it back to Ryan’s house-


Ryan: Ok there is food in the fridge and in the cupboard, there is water in the tap and there are clothes in the rooms.

  -The group splits up, girls and boys. They all go to find clothes and food-

Meagan: Here are some clothes for us to share.

  -Meagan places a bunch of clothes for the girls in one pile and the pile for the boys over the other side of the table-

James: Is this all?

Meagan: This was all the clothes that we could find.

Ryan: Here we have bags of food and then the rest of the food in the fridge we can eat for dinner before we move on.

  -The group sat down and ate the rest of the food from the fridge and sat and talk-

Rachel: So what do you think has happened?

Ryan: We have no idea, the control towers are down and we have no idea what towers they are.

Josh: And if the police station was taken down, where else can we get help?

James: We don’t know any places around here.

Ryan: That is the problem. I may live here but Sam was the only person who knows her way around the Forest.

Meagan: What about Cher?

Dawn: Who is Cher?

Ryan: Sam’s older sister. Why would she go out and look around in the bush?

Meagan: She always came whenever me and Sam went out walking.

Rachel: And then at Sam’s birthday a year or two ago, we all went walking to the area and through the bush.

  -Bang, crash. Noise is heard from outside, the whole group goes silent. Meagan stands up and turns the lights off-

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