The Journey Of 8

Meagan invites her friends and their boyfriends on a fun walk in the sun in a field, they find a dead body and soon discover that their city has been over taken by an Army. They have to fend for themselves and figure out who is a friend and who is a foe. This story follows them through the whole time their city is over run, it looks at the fall outs, the breakups, the deaths and the relationships that are all shaped by the disaster around them. Will they live and find their families or will they let their personalities get in the way?


4. The Hook-up

Rachel: Why did you do that?

Meagan: They won’t know we are here.

Ryan: Who is ‘they’?

Meagan: ‘shrugs shoulders’

  -The front door opens and the group hides in different places; Rachel and Josh dive into the cupboard, Chantelle, Dawn, Star and Ryan jump behind the couch and Meagan and James hide behind the kitchen bench. Meagan grabs a knife-

Voice 1: There were people here.

Voice 2: It could have been before the invasion, the master made sure that every house was evacuated and taken to the shopping centre.

  -Meagan and James look at each other shocked-

Voice 1: What if these people weren’t in the house at the time of the evacuation and they were out hiking or bush walking?

Voice 2: Then we will find them.

  -The footsteps continued to make its way to the kitchen table.-

Voice 1: I will go around the bottom level.

Voice 2: I will go upstairs then.

  -The footsteps split up and the person going around the bottom level walked back towards the front door. Meagan seized the opportunity-

Meagan: Everyone keep down and stay still. James if he comes near us I will stab him in the leg but I want you to cover his mouth so that the other one wont hear him. Ok?

Everyone: Yep

  -Just as the group finished the footsteps came back into the kitchen-

Meagan: You ok?

James: Yeah.

  -The footsteps got closer and closer, Meagan shoved the knife out and got him in the leg and James got up and covered his mouth in time-

Meagan: Good job, guys come out and start getting out and get to the bushes. Me and James will meet you there in a few.

  -Everyone leaves out the back door-

Meagan: Just give me a couple of minutes to do something.

James: What do I do with him?

Meagan: Tie him up.

James: Ok, where are you going?

Meagan: Upstairs, to get the other one.

James: Why? Can’t we just leave him?

Meagan: Really do you want him to bring more soldiers and then where will we go?

James: No, but if we get the other one wont they do it anyway?

Meagan: Yeah, but not as soon. If we don’t do it, it will give us not even 5 minutes if we do, do it it should give us half an hour.

James: Fine, let’s do it then.

  -After James tied the first guy up the pair started towards the stairs but they stop as they hear footsteps coming down the stairs-

Meagan: Curtains.

  -They both dive for the curtains, just in time-

Voice 2: Dutch are you here? Dutch where are you?

  -Meagan and James jumped out from the curtains and took the second solider down-

Meagan: Yes.

  -She looks up at James and smiles, he stars back at her and smiles-

Meagan: You did good, thank you for helping me.

James: Why wouldn’t I help you?

  -James takes a few steps closer-

Meagan: I don’t know, maybe because some people don’t like helping.

  -James takes a few more steps closer; he puts his hand out and takes Meagan’s-

Meagan: James we can’t, we have to get back to the others.

  -James stars into Meagan’s eyes-

James: Come on, just one kiss?

Meagan: James, fine.

  -They lean in and Dawn jumps around the corner holding a thick branch-

Dawn: Meagan?

  -The pair jumps apart-

Meagan: Dawn?

Dawn: Ok, it’s you. Come on lets go.

Meagan: Why are you here?

Dawn: Well, I thought I may need to keep you two out of trouble.

  -Dawn looks at them both, they here noise from the side of the house-

Dawn: Star, be quiet. I found them ok.

Star: OK, that’s good. Now let’s leave.

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