The Journey Of 8

Meagan invites her friends and their boyfriends on a fun walk in the sun in a field, they find a dead body and soon discover that their city has been over taken by an Army. They have to fend for themselves and figure out who is a friend and who is a foe. This story follows them through the whole time their city is over run, it looks at the fall outs, the breakups, the deaths and the relationships that are all shaped by the disaster around them. Will they live and find their families or will they let their personalities get in the way?


1. The Characters

Hey guys, I realise that this is not really a chapter but i have thought that because I am writing in script form that I should explain what my characters are like before I start otherwise you wont have an idea of what their personality is like.

The next chapter should be up in a few so please don't go any where :) ex oh ex oh



*Rachel- teacher’s pet, goody-two shoes, bossy, likes getting everything her way, loves books.

*Meagan- smart, loud but quiet, shy, loves jumpers and sneakers, loves dying her hair, doesn’t like hurting her friends, and loves horror movies.

 *Chantelle- bossy, loud, acts tough, love dancing and high heels, likes everything her way.

*Star- crazy, loud, athletic, shy, loves sweaters and cardigans, doesn’t like getting into fights with friends, loves horror movies.

*Ryan- annoying, noob, smart in science, loves video games.

*James- loves soccer, a cool kid, sarcastic remarks, annoying people, funny, rude, loves to sing, chick-magnet

*Josh- of Italian/French descent, graduated high school, fun,

*Dawn- loves drama, funny, good friend, good at different voices and facial expressions, loves sheep, shy with new people, loves horror movies.

*Sam- anger issues, tomboy, loves video games, good at acting, loud, confident, loves horror movies.

*Alexz-annoying, funny, loud, confident, loves horror movies, bubbly, crazy, fun. And a little bit aggressive.

*Izzy-daydreamer, crazy, funny, loves chocolate, loves tumblr, loves Dan and Phil, loves cats.


*Star and Ryan - 6 months together  

* Rachel and Josh - 4 months together  

*Meagan and James – Begin to date  

Best friends:

*Rachel and Meagan-2 yrs

*Rachel and Chantelle- 1 1/2 yrs

*Rachel and Star- 1 1/2 yrs

*Meagan and Chantelle- 3 1/2 yrs

*Meagan and Star- 5 1/2 yrs

*Meagan and Dawn- 9 1/2 yrs

*Meagan and Sam-1 1/2 yrs

*Chantelle and Star- 4 1/2 yrs

*Star and Dawn- 2 hrs

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