Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


4. Under Attack


Penelope: ATTACK!!

When Anastasia fell her body had been covering a blood hound mix with vampire. Luke and the Trainer both run forward to protect Meagan and Lola because Penelope had ran to kill the blood hound. Within a few moments she had stabbed the blood hound in the heart and beheaded it.

Penelope: Luke, Jerry get the girls out of here and don’t forget to get Anastasias’ body, if we try hard enough we can save her.

Jerry: Yes, Madam.

Luke: Mother please be careful out there?

Penelope nodded and ran out of the room. Jerry lifted up Anastasias body and grabs a dagger and a stake and gestures for them to follow him. Meagan and Lola grab a few extra weapons and follow behind.

Jerry: Keep up you don’t want to be left behind to face the aftermath.

Meagan: Why? What happens in the aftermath?

Jerry: Something you don’t want to know.

Jerry stopped at a part of the cave which turned two separate ways. He smelled the air twice then a third time and set off down the left tunnel. The tunnel was different to the rest it was cold and damp. Jerry placed Anastasias lifeless body down.

Jerry: Ok, we can stop to rest now. This is the escape route but it can change randomly and will lead evil to another place. If we are ever attacked this is the way out. So all the survivors should come this way.

Boy: Luke mate you made it out.

Luke: Jacob is that you?

Jacob: Yeah it is.

Luke: Who else is there?

Jacob: Me, Noah, Matthew, Sam, Alex, Rose, April, Shae and that silent non-talkative guy.

Luke: His name is Liam I’m pretty sure.

Liam: Yeah, that’s my name.

Out of the darkness came the group of 10. This seemed to surprise Jerry but when Jacob said Shae’s’ name.

Shae: Hey sweetie.

Jerry: Hey to you too.

Shae came running out of the darkness and jumped into Jerry’s arms. They shared a long romantic kiss.

Luke: How did you guys get out?

Matthew: We did some killing, weaving in and out of small fights and we ended up here.

Jerry: What are you talking about in training you can’t even make a hit on Shae, how did you manage a hit tonight.

Matthew: Ok you caught me, out they did some killing and I did the weaving. But dude she’s a bloody vampire.

Matthew made everyone laugh and wouldn’t take his eyes off of Lola. Liam still slightly stood in the shadows and stared at Meagan. Jerry and Shae kept kissing and whispering things to each other.

Shae: Alright we should start moving on now and see if we can meet up with any others if not we will set up camp somewhere safe.

Jerry: Shae’s right we need to move if there are any others they would expect us to be on the move.

Jerry lifted up the still lifeless body of Anastasia and took the lead. Shae followed him then; Matthew and Lola, April, Rose and Alex. Then Jamie, Sam, Noah and Jacob. Then Meagan follows the rest and Liam takes the rear.

Meagan: So I hear you’re not the talkative type.

Liam: You heard right.

Meagan: Why, don’t you talk? If you don’t mind me asking.

Liam: Well I guess I’m not the social type.

Meagan: So what do you like doing when you get free time?

Liam: We don’t get ant free time. What did you do?

Meagan: Well I did dancing and I was studying for my university degree which I will be taking in the next couple of years.

Liam: Wow you seem to be busy but I don’t think you will be able to take that degree because for those few years you are going to be here training how to defend yourself and others for the rest of your life.

Meagan: Well that’s just great.

Liam: The real reason why I don’t talk is that. When I was young my parents gave in to the vampires and they allowed them to turn. My oldest brother refused for us to turn so he defended me from them until the coven arrived but it was too late they had already killed him.

Meagan: Oh I’m so sorry.

Liam: I don’t want you to be sorry I just want you to know that whatever other people say about me going to turn, I just want you to ignore them.

Meagan: Why me?

Liam: Because I trust you.

Liam and Meagan began to exchange their family history and what they like to do and eat. When Shae shouted for Meagan to come to the front.

Meagan: Yeah, what do you want?

Shae: II want you to keep away from Liam, ok.

Meagan: Why? He hasn’t done anything.

Shae: Yes, I can see that but I just want you be couscous.

Meagan: Fine.

Jerry: Ok, I think we have found a place to camp for the night.

Jerry shouted so everyone could hear. He placed Anastasia’s body up against a tree.

Noah: But we have no, supplies to set up camp.

Rose: Noah, we are going to light a fire and we will go to sleep in the trees.

Jerry: That’s right but just in case we are going to need to set up watches. So we aren’t jumped during the night.

Shae: Jamie, Matthew, Kevin, Jacob, Luke, Noah and Liam you boys can go with Jerry to collect firewood and food.

Jerry: And all you girls can stay here to collect berries and fruit.

Rose: Some of us girls aren’t weaklings, you should know that Jerry.

Jerry: True, very true but girls are best at medical things.

Shae: What are we going to do for Anastasia now? Can’t you see she’s dead?

April: Actually if we cut her stomach open, I can put my hand in her and squeeze her heart, which should, make it start beating.

Jerry: See you need to stay here and collect medical equipment for April and anybody else who can do it.

Jerry led the boy’s one way while Shae made two of us stand watch and let the rest look for leaves, berries and moss. April cut open Anastasia’s body just at her belly button, she slid her hand up. You could see her hand and what is was doing underneath Anastasia’s skin. The boys arrived back just in time because we needed to disinfect a stitch made out of moss and wire we found. The boys started the fire and April squeezed Anastasia’s heart causing blood to flow again, she quickly stitched Anastasia up and waited.

Jerry: What happens now?

April: We wait until she opens her eyes and then we start feeding her and ourselves.

Jamie: Can’t we just start eating now? I’m starving and I know all you are too because I can hear you stomachs’ rumble.

We had only started to eat dinner when Anastasia came to and began to scream.

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