Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


3. Training

After Meagan said her mothers’ name, Luke jumped from his seat wide eyed and mouth opened.

Meagan: What’s the matter Luke?

Luke: You’re her daughters, OMG! I can’t believe I have finally met you.

Lola: What do you mean you have finally met us?

Luke: Your mother was a legend around here; all these stories have her in it. So don’t be surprised if you get a bit of Fame or any rumours going around.

Meagan: Great more things to put up with.

Lola: Wait that means we have expectations to live up to.

Megan: If mom was a legend there is no way we are going to be.

Luke: I wouldn’t count on it.

Lola: Why?

Luke: Because you both have the wickedest gene which nearly makes you immortal.

As soon as the words slipped out Luke ran out as fast has his legs could carry him. All Meagan and Lola could do was stare at each other, but that didn’t last very long because a few moments later a bunch of people with daggers and swords walked in with Anastasia.

Meagan: Ok, what’s going on now?

Anastasia: Well, it’s time for training of course.

Meagan: What training?

A few hours later Meagan wished she had never asked. Training was like Hell on Earth. You threw punches, and you were thrown back against the wall. You lunged with the fake sword, and you were slapped in the stomach, side, and sometimes the head. You tried to defend yourself with a sword or your fists and arms, and you felt like your arms were going to break.

Meagan: That’s enough, no more.

Lola: Yes, please no more. I can’t….handle…anymore.

Trainer: Come on, you have to. This is just in case of an attack and so that you can defend yourselves.

Neither of the girls would budge, Meagan refused. Until Madam Penelope came in to see their progress. Madam Penelope was dressed in a tight leather two piece suit thing.

Penelope: Excuse me trainer I would like to see what these girls can do.

Trainer: Yes, Madam.

Penelope: Ah, Meagan first please up you get.

Meagan: Ok.

As soon as Meagan stood up she had to defend herself with the shield from Madam Penelope’s sword. She pushed her off and Meagan lunged. The Opal started to heat up around her neck and the colours shone of those of the rainbow. Madam Penelope saw Meagan become distracted by the Opal and found this a perfect moment to attack. She lunged for Meagan’s heart, but Meagan already was there defending with her sword. Madam Penelope stood gobsmacked staring at Meagan. Then she smiled.

Penelope: Well I see now. The Opal only sees into the future for its true wearer.

Meagan: What do you mean its true wearer?

Penelope: Well I wore it for years and it’s never shone like that for me.

Meagan: So what your saying is that you thought you would just give it to me because it was no use for you.

Penelope: No it’s just that I have never felt something so pure and powerful than that jewel. And I just thought that maybe it would shine for me, but it never did.

Lola: Madam Penelope, we are very sorry to hear that.

Meagan: Yes, we are Madam Penelope and I’m sorry that I argued with you then and now.

Penelope: Please I do not want your sympathy.

Meagan: Madam Penelope we were talking to someone this morning and they said something about us almost being immortal because of our genes. Can you please tell us about them now?

Penelope: Ok well let’s sit down first shall we.

Madam Penelope sat down on the bench and dismissed the trainer, when he walked out the girls sat down in front of Madam Penelope.

Penelope: Well it was over 20 years ago when your parents were 15 years old when I was first told I was your father’s godmother. Your mother and father had just met. Your father was out on a mission trying to slaughter a coven of vampires and zombies. He was about to kill one of them when your mother came out she was very badly injured and had gorgeous silky black hair, which made your fathers hair seem so light and blonde. She distracted him and the vampire attacked almost killing your father so your mother killed the vampire, and your father guided her here to help. When we saw her we readied for battle but he shakily got to his feet and told us to stop then he collapsed.

She paused taking a deep breath, before continuing.

Penelope: She saved your fathers’ life and instantly they shared a connection. Hypothetically they weren’t supposed to have you it was meant to be impossible but they did. This brought them and you both into grave danger so they split up. Hiding your scent from the dead. So your genes are what make you special and which make you a target in this world. Your genes are a mixture of vampire and human. The boy that you spoke to today, Luke he is like my only son; he has been part of the royal family since I adopted him when his parents died. So he is expected to know all the legends and secrets off by heart. If he doesn’t he goes off and studies.

Meagan: Then why did he run away when he said that our genes made us immortal?

Penelope: Well because he knew I didn’t want you to know until the right moment. The right moment would be when your powers were released and your body let you become more powerful than you are meant to be.

Lola: Do you know when that will be?

Penelope: Yes, when you turn 16 years of age.

Meagan: But the Opal recognised my powers and I’m not 16 yet.

Penelope: Some people and I mean this happens very rarely. So there is a very slight chance your powers have arrived before hand.

Lola: So what you’re saying is that Meagan may have her powers even though she isn’t 16 yet.

Penelope: Yes, but there are ways to test if she does or doesn’t have her powers yet.

Meagan: Can we please not talk about this now.

Lola: Why?

Penelope: She is still trying to get over the fact that she is half vampire.

Meagan: If we are half vampire, our mom is vampire doesn’t it make her impossible to kill?

Penelope: Extremely hard not impossible.

Lola: What were the things that killed her?

Penelope: They were blood hounds that had mixed with vampires.

Meagan: How do you kill a blood hound?

Penelope: You have to cut their head off or pierce them through the heart.

Lola: Have you ever killed one?

Penelope: No, not one but many.

Meagan: How do you kill a vampire?

Penelope: Well with silver, a pierce through the heart or by burning it.

Meagan: How does a vampire kill a vampire?

Penelope: I think you know the answer to that?

Penelope just sat there and stared at the girls. All of a sudden a shout entered the silence Penelope shot to her feet, and Meagan and Lola both grabbed their swords and stood beside Penelope. Luke came running in with Anastasia and the trainer following in close behind.

Anastasia: The coven is under attack!

Anastasia hadn’t finished talking before a high pitch scream echoed around the room. The scream was ended with a gurgling sound. Then Anastasia dropped to the ground.

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