Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


12. The Underworld Rises


Shae, Matthew and Liam all jump to their feet to defend the girls from Hades.

Liam: Hades go away you are not welcome here.

Hades: Young Liam how wonderful to see you again.

Shae: Hades leave Liam alone.

Hades: And Shae what a pleasure to see you after all these years. I haven’t seen you since you decided to leave being an evil vampire to save your brother.

Shae: And thank god for that.

Hades: Oh no there won’t be a god after what happens now.

Lola: What do you mean?

Hades: Well little one what will happen is my creatures will reform to become creatures of your nightmare and to pick off one child after the other.

Meagan: Why the children?

Hades: Stupid humans. The children are the next generation and have grown too much into this world so the older humans will mate with my creatures to create creatures of the future time period.

 Liam: But the children can still be changed, can’t they?

Hades: well I’m not going to kill all the children only ones over 10 years of age.

Lola: And what are you going to do with the other younger children?

Hades: Eat them!

Hades laughed when he saw their faces. His loud deep laugh bounced off all the caves sides and disappeared into the dark.

Hades: Oh young mortals do not take those jokes very lightly, do they?

Liam: No, not when they are likely true.

Hades: And why would I want to eat mortals when they taste like the fatty rubber parts of a steak? Don’t you agree Matthew?

Hades looked at Matthew; Matthew didn’t flinch or make one move.

Lola: Matthew what is he talking about?

Matthew: Before, when I was…evil as you would put it. I got angry one day and ate a human.

Lola: You did what!?

Hades: It was quiet entertaining but the aftermath was very messy.

Matthew turned around and tried to explain it to Lola but she moved closer to Meagan and Liam and wouldn’t listen. Hades laughed at the scene.

Meagan: I told you he was bad news.

Lola: Yeah I just was too “in love” to get my stubborn head around it.

Matthew: Lola what we had was love.

Liam: Matthew stay away from her. I now understand why you didn’t do combat training because you didn’t want to lose control and blow your cover. And all the elders knew that there was a spy in our camp. Hades you placed him there so that he could get nice and close to Lola and where ever Lola went Meagan was sure to follow. Is that true Hades?

Hades: I never put him there he wanted to go there because he had, had enough of losing control and hurting people so he went to learn self-control.

Lola: Is that true Matthew?

Matthew: Yes, and ever since I saw you I have had to be careful I tried not to be in love with a half vampire half human but I just couldn’t help myself.

Lola: do you mean that?

Matthew: Of course if I didn’t I wouldn’t have said it.

Lola ran to Matthew, closer to Hades. Meagan saw Hades expression change to a evil smirk, which couldn’t be good.

Lola: I love you.

Matthew: I love you too Lola.

Meagan: Lola come over here now.

Hades: Aw so sweetly disgusting I might just see if I can change his mind.

At that Hades reached for Matthew but Lola knew he was coming and pushed Matthew out of the way and let Hades take her.

Meagan: LOLAA!




Lola’s voice faded into the darkness. Leaving them in silence.

Matthew: I love you Lola.

Meagan: We have to find her. We have to find her. We have to find Lola.

Liam: We can’t she is gone.

Meagan: We have to. Shouldn’t our necklaces have done something or have shown me what was to happen.

Matthew: I can help you get there, but it won’t be easy. Nor will be getting out.

Liam: NO, Matthew we have to get back and hopefully someone there can help us get there easier.

Matthew: Liam if Meagan was there or if Shae was there would you use all your powers just to get there and be with them?

Liam: Yes but I know you or someone else will be here to stop me doing something that stupid.

Matthew: True but why would I help you if I know how to get there and Lola would be falling apart too I would help her get there too.

Meagan: I would kill you if you ever took her there.

Matthew: I know, so that’s why I would go by myself and leave everyone else behind because I would be the saner person and it would be easier because I am a Devil.

Shae: He has a point Liam so stop fighting.

Liam: Fine but I still think that we should go back to camp.

Shae: I’m sorry but we should go back.

Matthew: Fine we will go back.

Meagan: Ok.

April: Yeah we should go back.

April appeared out of the darkness.

Meagan: April where the hell have you been?

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