Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


1. The Murder

Meagan walks into kitchen complaining about the news.

Meagan: Oh my god I can’t believe that people actually believe all this crap about the Zombie Apocalypse.

 Mom: Well you can’t blame them, with all these movies making it seem so real. It really isn’t their fault.

Meagan: You can’t seriously be on their side can you? I mean I am your daughter, aren’t I?

Lola: Will you stop trying to get mom on your side, can’t you see I’m her favourite.

Meagan leans over the table and slaps Lola on the arm.

Megan: Oh shut up Lola, you’re one of the brainwashed lunatics.

Lola: No I’m not! I’m just expressing my beliefs and so is everybody else.

Mom: Will the both of you stop arguing over who believes what. I’ve had enough of it these past few days, I can’t wait til’ your back at your fathers.

Both Meagan and Lola shut up and continue to eat their breakfast. Mom turns on the TV and stands there glued to the screen.

News reporter: This morning at Linkmen Shopping Centre two teenage boys were found dead. Both bodies had multiple bite marks and were drained of blood. This seems to be the re-incarnation of the bloodsucking vampires. Some people just can’t help themselves, with this Zombie Apocalypse on the rise.

Meagan: Are you kidding me? First people build houses and have evacuation plans in case of a zombie out break and now people are killing themselves and making it look like vampires did it, please how stupid and people be?

Lola: How stupid? Oh at least when the wizard franchise was in I did go around telling people I was a wizard and was going to attend Hogwarts.

Lola laughed; Megan had, had enough and stormed upstairs to her room. Mom glared at Lola and sent her up to get her. Lola knocks on the door.

Meagan: Who is it?

Lola: It’s me, mom wants to talk to us and she seems pretty worried about the vampire thing.

Meagan: Why would mom be worried it’s only a phony?

Lola: Well she wants the both of us to be down stairs now.

Meagan and Lola both make their way down to the kitchen. Mom is sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the girls.

Mom: Girls please sit down.

Meagan: Mom what’s the matter?

Lola: What’s going on?

Both girls sit down and start firing question at mom. Mom looks at them for a few moments and stares at the girls with her tear filled eyes.

Mom: You know how those two boys killed. Well I know a person who could of killed them, I’m not friends with them it’s just that we have had a few run ins over the years.

Meagan and Lola just sit there and stare at their mom with their mouths open. She continues.

Mom: They also know your father, but that killing was so close to where your father is they will target him before they come and try and get me. So for now both of you are safe, but just for precaution I’m going to take you somewhere, where hopefully you will be safe until you can defend yourselves.

Meagan: But... wait... where are we going to go?

Mom: To a graveyard

Meagan and Lola both exchanged horrified glances, after noticing the seriousness in mom’s voice.

Three hours later

Mom: Alright here we are girls.

Meagan: EW, it’s…

Lola: Cool

Meagan: Well I was going to say dirty and full of cockroaches.

Mom: Girls please there is no time for this; you need to see how important this is.

Mom gets out of the car; the girls follow. Mom walks through the graveyard touching headstones in an order. Mom stops abruptly and touches a bunch of letters on a large marble headstone, she takes a step back as the headstone opens and shows a hidden staircase. Mom turns and faces the girls.

Mom: Well what are you waiting for?

Meagan: Mom, are you coming with us?

Mom: Well, no I can’t I have to stay here and protect this place. Protect you.

Lola: NO, mom you can’t, please you have to come with us?

Mom: Girls please go. These stairs lead the way to the beginning of the end.

Mom stops and looks around quickly. She pushes the girls into the darkness. Both girls turn around to look at their mother as the headstone closes. Unfortunately the headstone didn’t close fast enough and the girls see their mothers head be replaced by a creature that had never walked to earth before. The girls screams where muffled as hands clasped over their mouths. Only one thought rushed through their mind as they were pulled into the darkness. ‘This was the beginning of the rise of the dead’.

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