Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


10. The Forgotten Ones


Meagan: Where do we run too?

April: I do know a place not that far ahead where we could hide.

Lola: And how do you know that?

April: Because before this all happened we all used to use this forest as hide and kill training.

Lola and Meagan both follow April not sure if they should or not.

April: Why didn’t you trust me back there?

Meagan: Because after Noah he fooled us all even you and we weren’t sure if we should.

Lola: Yeah like we can’t trust anyone here.

April: What about each other?

Lola: Well we haven’t left each other’s sides since day one.

April: But what about when you slept what about then?

Lola: … well then we are just going to have to deal with it when we deal with it.

Meagan: Well said I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Lola: Said it better? You wouldn’t have said anything.

Meagan: Yeah thank you for that like I don’t need anything else annoying me in my life.

Lola: You don’t need anything? What about me, I have always been the more mature one out of both of us. I have had to look after us when mom was depressed after dad left.

Meagan: You were the mature one after what I did for us? Think of what I did all those hours of work and study I did for you and all the cooking and the cleaning I did. So, were you the more mature one than?

Lola: Think of all the jobs I had to do too because we didn’t have any food left, when mom wasn’t working and she wasn’t doing anything and so I had to do everything too.

April: Girls…


Meagan: And now you are taking your anger out on someone who isn’t included with this argument.


Lola and Meagan: WHAT!

April: We need to keep going and this isn’t the time to be yelling at each other about past events the past is the past and you can’t change them so don’t dwell on them.

Meagan: She’s right we shouldn’t argue about things we can’t change.

Lola: A truce?

Meagan: Yes a truce. So April where is this cave you spoke about?

April: Here.

April came to an abrupt stop outside a tall but small cave.

April: So here we are.

Meagan: April how did we get here so fast not that long ago we were in front of a river?

April: Well I am a Vampire and I’m not powerless.

Lola: Then what is your power?

Meagan: She has teleportation.

Lola: And how did you know that?

Meagan: Well isn’t it obvious we just got from one place to another extremely quickly and had no idea how we got here.

Lola: Makes sense.

Sam: Good I knew you two would get to know April, she is the best person to have as a friend.

April: SAM!! But how I thought you died.

Sam: Yeah well I did, I think I still am.

Lola: What do you mean you did?

Meagan: And you still are?


Liam came running out of the dense forest Shae and Matthew were close behind armed and ready to fight. Liam ran in front of Meagan protecting her from Sam and Matthew the same with Lola.

Sam: No I’m not that kind of dead I’m just a spirit.

April: But how you are solid?

Sam: Only when I want to interact with humans or people form the living.

April: What about the others?

Sam: I am a witch aren’t I so I’m not that sure.

Liam: But what about Nick he is a Physic?

Meagan: And Anastasia is a witch as well.

Shae: Maybe that was Anastasia who was the mist back in the fight.

Anastasia: Well at last someone remembered me.

Lola: Anastasia are you a ghost because Sam doesn’t know or not.

Anastasia: Well I have been dead before many times but none have ever been like this and I have never turned into a ghost.

Sam: And I have never died before so I have no idea of how it is to be dead or to be a ghost.

Meagan: Can you help us to check if the cave is safe?

Anastasia: Yeah sure, come on Sam.

Anastasia and Sam both float into the cave and their glow is lost in the darkness. They came back out not too soon after with good news.

Anastasia: It’s all safe.

Liam: Are you sure?

Lola: Yes we are.

Liam: OK because we don’t want anything going bump in the night.

Meagan: Liam stop putting pressure on them.

Liam: I’m sorry I just don’t want anything happening to you while you are so untrained.

 Meagan: Yeah thanks for putting that so plainly.

Meagan slipped out of Liam’s arms and starts to walk into the cave and is soon followed by Shae and the ghosts. Lola and Matthew stay behind with Liam.

Lola: She will get over it if she loves you as much as she does.

Liam: And if she doesn’t what if what I said has made her change her mind.

Lola: After this past week maybe it’s good that she has a few days to herself and she gets everything straight.

Matthew: Trust me, it did me some good maybe it will help her too.

Liam: Hopefully you are right.

Liam slowly walked into the cave hesitantly.

Lola: So do I Liam, so do I.

Lola and Matthew followed Liam into the cave arm in arm.

 The cave was quiet large but was covered in magnificent drawings and paintings of old manuscripts and of old events that had happened. One of the most popular paintings was the painting of an evil god, Hades. Liam walked up to Shae who was staring up at the painting.

Liam: Its Hades, he is the God of the Underworld. He use to walk this earth but was banished after trying to kill his brothers; Perseus and Zeus.

Shae: Yeah and he was trying to help their father Cronus come back into power but then Cronus was bound to the earth in a deep powerful jail and hasn’t been able to escape since.

Liam: Father was right our Great Uncle Hades was a riot back in his day.

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