Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


11. Oh My Goddess


Meagan: Your Uncle is who?

Shae: Liam you didn’t tell her.

Liam: I didn’t think I would need too.

Shae: Well you do now.

Meagan: Liam tell me what are you not telling me?

Liam: I’m sorry Meagan, I should have told you.

Lola: Liam don’t you dare keep anymore secrets from my sister.

Shae: What Liam should have told you is that our father is Perseus and our mother is Andromeda and Hades is our great Uncle whereas Zeus is our grandfather.

Meagan couldn’t handle any more and she collapsed to the floor, everyone rushed up and tried getting to wake up but the ghosts. The ghosts just slowly floated into her.

Meagan: Where am I? What happened?

Sam: We are so sorry Meagan you weren’t meant to hear that yet.

Meagan: Hear what?

Anastasia: Exactly.

Meagan: I don’t understand I’m sorry.

Sam: Anastasia I think we might have made her forget more than what she just heard.

Meagan: Who is Anastasia?

Anastasia: I think you’re right Sam. Meagan I’m Anastasia remember?

Anastasia said pointing at herself. Meagan shakes her head.

Sam: Maybe we should wake her up before we do any more damage.

Anastasia: Yes, Meagan when you wake up this never happened ok.

Meagan: OK?

Sam and Anastasia both flicked their hands in the direction of Meagan and everything went black.

Liam: Meagan please wake up, I’m sorry please just open your eyes.

Shae: Liam calm down she’s not dead she just fainted.

Liam: How do you know that she could have been poisoned or she could have been allergic to something in the forest?

Lola: No there wasn’t anything that I could see that she was allergic too and no one would have let anyone come in contact with her.

Meagan: Huh?

Liam: Meagan it’s me, open your eyes and look at me.

Meagan: Who are you?

Liam: Meagan it’s me Liam remember me.

Meagan: Huh, get away from me.

Meagan scrambles backwards to get away from them she hides in a dark part of the cave.

Shae: Liam leave her.

Liam: But what will happen if she is taken by someone.

Shae: Well Sam and Anastasia said that the cave was safe.

Liam: Speaking of them where are they?

Matthew: They disappeared when Meagan passed out.


Sam: You called?

Liam: What have you done to Meagan?

Anastasia: Nothing she is just suffering from Amnesia.

Shae: And how did that happen she barely touched the ground?

Anastasia: Well what she herd overwhelmed her and she could have just forgotten everything.

Sam: Or she could just be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress.

Liam: But how do we know to trust you. You disappeared as soon as you saw what Shae was saying was scaring her, and then she fainted.

Anastasia: So you’re calling us traitors?

Liam: No I’m just saying that there’s more to the truth than your saying.

Sam: We are your friends why would we lie to you.

Liam: Why wouldn’t you? You both went with the other group disobeying protocol and now you come back as ghosts just because you are witch’s and now want to come with us and help us.

Matthew: Does seem a little suss.

Liam: A little why not quite a bit.

Matthew: Yeah seems about right.

Anastasia: Fine you got us.

Sam: Anastasia, no we can’t.

Anastasia: We have to or they won’t trust us.

Sam: Fine go ahead.

Anastasia: Well we came back to look after the two girls.

Anastasia and Sam look at Lola.

Lola: And why would we need looking after?

Anastasia: So that the future turns out the way it’s supposed to.

Lola: Wow so are you now like some person who can look into the future.

Sam: No, you don’t understand this was our duty in life but we have been given a second chance undo the wrong and put back the right.

Liam: I still don’t trust you.

Matthew: Me neither.

Anastasia: Why should you? On the other hand why should anyone trust each other?

Liam: Because we all do and all have because we have watched each other’s back since the beginning.

Sam: Even better for someone to swap their likings.

Liam: And why would they do that. Our team may not be winning but it’s not like their team is doing any better.

Anastasia: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Meagan: What they mean is that everything evil that you know have heard of or have dreamt is coming our way just trying to kill Lola and myself because they have had enough of being over powered by creatures that have mated with a human or with another breed.

Liam: Meagan?

Liam starts towards Meagan; Meagan places one hand out in front of her to make him stop.

Meagan: No Liam.

Liam: What do you mean no?

Meagan: You were about to ask me how I am. Well I’m not that good since I have no idea how I know any of this information except that my necklace showed me.

Shae: That means that this will happen in the future.

Meagan: But it only happens if the people make the same decisions it takes for them to get to the same scene.

Sam: Right but this is what we were meant to let you load your brain with not all the god mambo jumbo.

Liam: How is that mambo jumbo?

Anastasia: She wasn’t meant to know that yet because she will be thinking of that other than thinking of protecting herself and her sister.

Meagan: And how is that more important than keeping myself and my sister alive I doubt thinking of some god or something like that is more important than that.

Sam: Now we’re talking something good will come out of this I promise.

Sam crosses her heart. They all got to sleep late that night. They had discussed about the protection of the girls. Lola and Meagan slept next to each other and were under the protection of Liam, Matthew and Shae.

Lola: Meagan did you really mean what you said before about that I’m more important than the god stuff?

Meagan: Of course I did why wouldn’t have I?

Lola: Because of all of the argument that we have and how we treat each other.

Meagan: We only argue when we are jealous of each other.

Lola: Yeah remember that time when we had that argument over Jason?

Meagan: Yeah I was jealous because we both liked him and you were going out with him.

Lola: Yeah I’m very sorry about that it didn’t really work out between us.

Meagan: And then you hadn’t even been going out for a week and he dumped you so I smashed him.

Lola: Yeah and Katie Wright video tapped it and shared it on Facebook.

 Meagan: He was the school weakling for months.

Lola: Yeah that was very funny, until Mrs Fantail found out and we were all suspended for a week.

Meagan: That was heaps fun.

Lola and Meagan hug each other but are pulled apart when a large black shadow appears above them.

Hades: I’ve been looking for you both.

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