Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


5. Alone


Kevin: Anastasia please, what’s the matter?

April: Kevin step back for a moment. Anastasia sweetie you haven’t died.


Kevin: Anastasia there is nothing on your body, babe please you have to open your eyes.

Kevin lent down and planted a soft kiss on Anastasia’s lips she immediately opened her eyes to stare into his.

Anastasia: Kevin, what have you done?

Kevin: Anastasia I can’t help myself, you know how hard it is for me.


Anastasia ran off into the darkness. Kevin was about to follow but Jerry and Jacob both stopped him before he could.

We all sat down and ate in silence. I was still standing staring at where Anastasia ran. Liam came and stood next to me.

Liam: You’re not thinking of dong a runner to, are you?

Meagan: No, I’m not. I’m just wondering, why did Anastasia tell Kevin that they couldn’t be together?

Liam: Well Anastasia is a Witch and Kevin is a Werewolf. It is impossible for mixed breeds to mate, and Anastasia wants children.

Meagan: My parents were mixed breeds.

Liam: Well there is an exception if one parent is human, if not than it is impossible.

Meagan: Couldn’t they just adopt?

Liam: No, only the Madam Penelope can.

Meagan: Well, that’s stupid she should allow all people to adopt.

Liam patted Meagan on the shoulder. All of a sudden Meagan dropped to her knees. She was seeing something that wasn’t there. She saw blood, dead bodies after dead bodies. She saw Kevin and Anastasia dead, with a small child in their arms. She saw April and Noah arms broken and heads cut off. She saw Jerry leaning over Shae’s body weeping and she saw Lola and Matthew dead side by side holding hands.

Shae: Meagan, are you ok?

Lola: Meagan, please Meagan look at me.

Jerry: Stop, look at her Opal it’s shining. I think she’s having a vision.

Meagan sat up very slowly.

Meagan: I saw, Anastasia and Kevin dead with a small child. April, Noah, Lola and Matthew all die. Shae you died too.

Jerry: Meagan, you do realise that, that isn’t the set future. The future can change depending in peoples’ decisions and choices.

Meagan: It’s just that it felt so real.

Jerry: Yes I realise that but it probably won’t happen because I won’t let it happen.

Shae: Alright everyone chose your bed buddy.

Jerry: They have to be the same sex as you.

Shae: Yes, and then partner up with another pair of the opposite sex.

Jerry: Shae you can’t do that.

Shae: Why not? We are in a crisis I doubt that they will start making out in the trees.

 Jerry: Yes, fine ok listen to Shae.

The groups were; Meagan, Lola, Matthew and Liam were the first group. April, Sam, Jamie and Noah were next. Rose, Alex, Jacob and Luke all bunked together. Then Kevin bunked with Shae and Jerry. Shae, Kevin and Jerry all took first watch Meagan, Lola, Matthew and Liam would be the last for their watch.

Shae: Alright everybody, get to bed and try and get as much sleep as you can before your watch.

All groups found a tree each and huddled in close to get as much warmth as possible.

Matthew: Goodnight Lola. Goodnight Meagan.

Lola: Goodnight Matthew and Meagan.

Meagan: Night everyone.

Liam: Night.

Lola and Matthew fell asleep in a blink of an eye in each other’s arms. Liam rolled over to face Meagan.

Liam: You’re not tired are you, not after today anyway?

Meagan: Ha, no I’m not tired. Are you?

Liam: No, but we better get some sleep or tomorrow’s going to be hell with all your body being sore.

Meagan: Great, just great. Well goodnight then.

Meagan fell asleep before she heard Liam reply. Lola and Meagan slept through the whole night, when they woke they found that it was dawn and Liam and Matthew hadn’t woken them for their shift. Liam and Matthew were sitting there staring out into the sunrise. They hadn’t heard Meagan and Lola wake up and they were talking.

Liam: So, you and Lola are going out??

Matthew: Yeah well I hope she will say yes, when I ask her.

Liam: You will be a lucky man if she says yes.

Matthew: What about you and Meagan?

Liam: I don’t think so.

Matthew: Why not? You complete each other.

Liam: Ha, No one would accept it if we did.

Matthew: Is this because of your parents?

Liam: Yes.

Matthew: Does she know?

Liam: Yes.

Matthew: Then let her decide.

Lola: Morning boys.

Meagan: Why didn’t you wake us?

Liam: You looked so peaceful, so we left you.

Matthew: It’s time to wake the others.

Liam: Yep.

Liam and Matthew jumped to the next tree and woke that group then the group after that and so on. Within a few moments the whole group was awake.

Shae: Alright everybody, down we get.

Everybody made their way down the tree and into the clearing where we sat last night with the fire. The last people hadn’t even reached the ground when a whale was heard from behind the bushes. Shae walked over there; dagger in hand and she moved the bush to reveal Anastasia.

Kevin: Anastasia you’re ok.  

Anastasia: Of course I’m alright. What did you think would happen?

Kevin: Well maybe because you were distraught that the blood hounds might have gotten you again, after April fixed you up.

Anastasia: Well no they didn’t, thank you April. You were always good at the medical side of things.

Shae: Everyone listen up. By now the blood hounds and vampires will be full and won’t need to hunt for another maybe week. But if the weaker ones didn’t get many they will still be prowling around the covens’ area.

Jerry: So we better start moving again before the blood hounds pick up our scent.

Everybody followed Shae and Jerry as they started. Liam and Meagan stayed at the back as usual and defended the rear. All of a sudden Meagan dropped to her knees again. Liam shouted for the others to stop, Jerry and Shae came running back and was closely followed by Lola and Matthew.

Jerry: Meagan you are going to have to tell me what you see.

Meagan: I see a small boy; he is much younger than me. He would be around 10 years old; he has blonde hair and is being attacked by a large black animal with round cat eyes. He can sense me; he has stopped and is looking around for me.

Jerry: Shae, you keep close to Meagan and keep her talking she will lead us to the boy.

Jerry grabbed Jacob and Jamie and started ahead.

Shae: Meagan can you describe to me where the boy is?

Meagan: He is in a clearing just like the one that we were at.

Meagan paused wide eyed and corrected herself.

Meagan: He is in the clearing where we were just at.


Jerry, Jacob and Jamie all turned around and ran back the way they had come. Meagan looked up at Shae.

Meagan: Do know what the creature is?

Shae: Yes, it’s Babd one of the 3 crow goddess. She sings a chant to her soldiers and says a verse when she is about to kill you.

Meagan: Do you know the verse?

Shae: Yes, it goes like ‘The red-mouthed Badbs will cry around the house. For bodies they will be solicitous.’

Meagan: Wow, you must study really hard.

Meagan suddenly screamed out in pain. The scream was like no scream anyone had ever heard before, it was like a scream of joy and a scream of pain and sorrowful. Meagan had just glimpsed the trio get to the boy but the Babd had lashed out and sliced to boys back. A large gash is left the trio fight the Babd off and bring the boy back to the whole group.

Jerry: April, can you help the boy?

April: I brought Anastasia back of course I can help him.

Meagan: Well can you please hurry; I can feel him slipping away very slowly.

Matthew: Lola, your necklace it’s glowing.

Lola: Meagan, it can’t be happening I turn 16 next year.

Meagan: Penelope said it only happens when the necklace is needed and when the wearer is strong enough. So my necklace helped the boy but maybe your necklace can save him.

Lola: I don’t think I’m strong enough.

Matthew: You might think you’re not, but the necklace says you are and I believe that you are.

Matthew leaned over Lola and kissed her, as soon as their lips met a spark of light spread through his body and over Lola’s. Matthews’s body disintegrated and left a pile of ash on the ground.

 Lola: MATTHEWWWW! NO!!!!!

Meagan: What happened to him?

Shae: He is a Demon from the Underworld. Demons aren’t meant to know true love, but he does and they brought him back.

Jerry: That’s the reason why he wouldn’t take a hit during training.

Shae: Yeah or his inner Demon would be provoked and he doesn’t have the strength to stop it.

April: Hello, little boy dying over here.

Noah: Come on. Ok April what do we need to get for you?

April: I don’t know. I have never had to treat a human before; I don’t know how to deal with him. I can’t help him.

Meagan: Well, who can help him?

Lola: I can, well at least I think I can.

Meagan: Are you sure? This boy’s life rests on your shoulders.

All Lola did was stare at Meagan and nod her head. She placed her hands over her necklace and closed her eyes, she suddenly started on the boy in a speed one could see what she was doing. When she eventually stopped everyone was staring at her.

Lola: What is everybody staring at?

Liam: Your eyes have changed colour.

Lola: What colour are they now?

 Liam: Orange.

Lola: Yay. That’s my favourite colour.

Anastasia: Is the boy going to be ok?

Lola: Yeah he is now.

Boy: Mommy, ah who are you?

Anastasia: I’m Anastasia.

Anastasia introduced to rest of the group. We all nodded and answered with a hello or a wave.

Boy: Did you save me from that black thing?

Jerry: Yes, we did. Can you tell me how it found you?

Boy: Well, I was playing outside with the dog, and mom came running out screaming something at me but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. So I started to walk up to her but that black thing pulled her inside. I ran and I ran for ages until you guys found me.

Anastasia: Sweetie what’s your name?

Boy: Nick.

Jerry: Well, Nick do you want to stay with us until we can get you back home?

Nick: Yeah ok.

Jerry: So, I guess we better start moving again before anything else sneaks up on us.

Jerry and Shae lead the way as usual and Nick stays with Anastasia, they seem to share a special bond. It was almost night fall when they stop for another rest; they start to set up camp.

Lola: Is there anything you want me to do.

Shae: I knew your mother and after she ever used her powers she was exhausted, so I think you are too.

Lola: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Meagan: If there is anything you want to talk about, remember I’m here.

Lola: Yeah, thanks.

Lola walks off Meagan and Shae look at each other and shrugs their shoulders and Shae walks up to Jerry and kisses him on the cheek. Liam walks up.

Liam: Sweet couple aren’t they.

Meagan: Yeah they are.

Liam: It was love at first sight when they met.

Meagan: How did they meet?

Liam: Well, Jerry had just arrived at the coven after his power had arrived and Shae was friends with your mom and they were in all the same classes together. So they were stuck together all the time. So they got together.

Meagan: Wow and how do you know all this?

Liam: Well I shouldn’t tell you.

Meagan: You have got to. Please.

Liam: OK fine. Shae is my sister.

All Meagan could do was stare at Liam, mouth open and wide eyed.

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