Diana [One Direction/Harry]

Diana Roberts, the girl who's life was a mess.

Harry Styles, the boy in her favorite band.

She tweeted, he saw.

She inspired him to write a song.

The song became a hit, and now he's off to find her.

But what if...

He's too late.


7. Chapter Six


Diana's POV~


11:50pm, the red numbers on the clock told me.

I had done exactly what Chelsea told me, I packed everything I owned and hid them behind the couch earlier when Tyler was sleeping.

I still couldn't believe it, I finally had to guts to leave. I'm finally leaving, I'm finally escaping from this hell hole and starting new.

I looked to my side and noticed that Tyler was sound asleep, his breath still reaked of alcohal. 


I'm finally ditching you, asshole.

You've hurt me enough and I'm sick and tired of all these cuts and bruises. Not only have you left scars on my skin, but they're everywhere inside and outside of me. I've been having nightmares about you and your violence, but tonight... Oh yes, tonight I'm done with you.

In fact, I've always been done with you, it's just that you've always managed to pull me back into your abusive arms... How stupid, How stupid was I back then?

You tore me, you broke me, you shattered me.

I'm done with you and all of your lies. I'm done with all the brutal scences. I've had enough.

I'm fed up and you'll never see me again, ever.


My thoughts were soon interrupted by the vibration of my phone, announcing that I had recieved a text message.

I quickly unlocked the device and read the message;


To: Diana :)

From: Chelseaa (;

I'm parked outside of your house, come on. 


I withdrew in a deep breath before taking another glance at Tyler.


It's now or never, Diana... Time to fly away from all of your problems.

Goodbye, Tyler.


I slowly, quietly, and very carefully crawled out of bed, replacing my spot with a pillow.

Surprisingly, he didn't wake up.

Damn, he must've had a shit ton of alcohal.


Every step I took, I had the feeling that he would shoot right up and tackle me back to the bed, but reluctantly, that didn't happen.

I prayed to God that I could make it out safely, I was almost there.

Finally, I was in the living room, hoisting up my luggage, since I didn't want to wheel it out and make a sound.

I quickly, yet quietly managed to get my hand on the handle and slip out of the house.


Chelsea waved at me with a huge smile, signalling for me to hurry up.

Once I got into the car, we quickly drove away.


Good bye Tyler, I hope I never see you again.


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