Diana [One Direction/Harry]

Diana Roberts, the girl who's life was a mess.

Harry Styles, the boy in her favorite band.

She tweeted, he saw.

She inspired him to write a song.

The song became a hit, and now he's off to find her.

But what if...

He's too late.


8. Chapter Seven


Diana's POV~


'Oh my goodness, I actually left him.' I smiled to myself as we wheeled our luggage inside the plane and found our seats.

'It's about time I saw that smile.' Chelsea chuckled as she tossed our bags into the shelving above us and closed it.


I couldn't help but feel proud of myself, I finally did it.

I left the person who ruined my life and was finally moving on.

But, I was scared.

I was scared because he's the type of person who get's revenge. He's the type of person who doesn't stop until he get's what he wants.

I was terrified that he'd hunt me down and find me the next day.

What if he did?


'Something wrong?' Chelsea poked at my rib, attempting to make me smile.

'Nahh, It's all good. It's just that-'

'You're scared that he'll find you?' She asks casually.

'Basically...' I say honestly.

She puts a hand on my shoulder and smiles, 'I reported him to the police.'

I stared at her in shock, she's insane, 'Why?'

'Because, I finally had proof.'

'What proof?' I ask.

'The phone call. I recorded it. I reported him the first time he hit you, they didn't believe me because I had no proof. They actually wanted to talk to you but I stopped them because I knew you weren't comfortable with it. They told me that they couldn't press charges or put him into jail because there was no evidence against him, so when I finally got a hold of him on the phone beating you up, I recorded it and drove straight to the police station. They had texted me in the washroom earlier saying that he's in custody.' 


I didn't know what to say. I was stunned.

Chelsea did all of that, for me?

She basically saved my life...


I felt my eyes start to get watery, 'Thank you so much Chelsea.' I mumbled as I pulled her into a tight hug.

She chuckled and waved her hand like it was no big deal, 'I'll always have your back, no matter what. And for the record, you can stay at my place while you try and find a new home.'

'You're the best.' I sniffle.

'I know,' She smiles, which makes me smile, 'Now quit crying, people probably think we're weird.'

We both pull away from the hug and laugh at ourselves.




Harry's POV~


'Ugh! I'm so bored!' Niall groans as he flips through the channels on our tv.

'I know... I wish this hotel had a better wifi connection, like honestly...' Liam frowns as he holds his phone above his head.

'Meet and Greet in fifteen minutes!' Paul announces as he strolls in with a gift basket.

'Who's that from?' Louis eyes the basket.

'A group of girls outside.' Paul points to the window where dozens of girls are camped outside of our hotel.

'Which group?' I chuckle.

'Honestly, I don't even know.' And with that, he strolls out of the room, 'BE READY IN FIFTEEN!'

'Ooo! Lookie! They bought us a box of chocolates!' Zayn smiles as he holds it up.

'Gimme some!' Niall tackles Zayn and grabs the box of goodness.

I laugh at the two idiots fighting over chocolates, 'We should get going, rush hour in half an hour.'

'Harry's right.' Liam nods as all of us jog out of our room and through the back of the building where our black van is parked.


'Wow, ten minutes early?' Paul smiles at us as we buckle our seatbelts.

'Rush hour in a few, we should get going.' Louis says from behind.

'Alrighty... Meet and greet time!'




I loved meet and greets, aside from the screaming and crying, it was pretty fun getting up close and personal with our fans.

Seeing their frowns turn upside down when they're up next to take a picture with us never gets old.

Some of our fans were toddlers, some were little girls... But a majority of them were teenage girls around our age.

I'm still a young lad myself, single to be precise, and whenever I meet beautiful girls around my age, I get pretty excited.


'Hey, love!' I exclaimed at the tall, blonde hair and blue eyed beauty who approached us.

'H-H-Hi.' She stuttered which made all of us laugh.

'No need to be nervous, babe.' Niall reassured her as he put his arm around her.


'Smile!' Our camera guy said before snapping a picture of us.


Once the gorgeous girl was out of sight, we all sniggered.

'She was hot.' Niall whispered.

'Yeah, can't lie she was.' I chuckle.


The hour went by pretty quickly, which was tiring... But we finished.


'I guess that's it?' Liam asks.

'Yeah, I think so.' Louis sighs in relief.


As we were about to head back into our dressing rooms, we heard Paul call out, 'Wait!'

We all turned our heads toward him, who was holding the door, 'You almost forgot to meet Diana and her friend. You know... The girl on twitter?'

We all looked at eachother and rolled our eyes, 'But Paul-'

And that was when she walked in.





She was- beautiful.


I'm guessing the boys thought the same thing because when I looked over to each of them, they were in shock.

Liam had his eyes wide open, Zayn let out a small gasp, Niall was smirking, Louis had his mouth gaped in an 'o' shape, and I.. Well, I was speechless.


She was about 5'10, had pale white skin and long, brown wavy hair. Her eyes were piercing green and she was wearing jeans, white converse hi-tops, and an 'I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!' crop top.

I couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable she looked.


'Diana, this is One Direction. One Direction, this is Diana.' Paul introduced us.

We all gave her a quick wave, 'Hello, love!'

She smiled and looked down at her feet, 'Hi.'

'Oh, and this is Chelsea, her friend.'

Then entered 'Chelsea'. She had ombre hair, looked slightly older than Diana, but still looked pretty. She had tan skin and brown eyes. She was wearing black denim shorts, with the same crop top as her friend.


'Hey Chelsea!' We said in unision.

'Hey!' She waved confidentally at us.


'Picture time!' Paul announced.

We all did a silly pose and the camera guy snapped a shot of us.

'Thanks for coming!' We smiled at the two lovely girls in front of us.

'Thanks for having us!' Chelsea smiled as she pulled each of us into a big group hug, leaving Diana out.

She then skipped out of the area to get her picture.


'Thanks for everything.' Diana smiled at the five of us.

'No problem, thanks for inspiring us to write the song.' I smiled back at her.

'Come here!' Niall pulled her into a hug, all of us then joined in.

Once we all pulled away the boys ran back to their dressing room, I was just about to run after them, when I saw Diana holding onto her arm.

'Something wrong?' I ask as I take her arm, which causes her to wince in pain.

'N-Nothing.' She stutters.

'Let me see.' I say as I pull up the sleeve and see her arm covered in bruises.

I gasp and let go of it and stare at her.

She looked upset at my reaction, 'I'm fine.'


And with that she runs off to find her friend.


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